Thursday, Painting Night

I needed a day away from expectations. Something to remind myself that it's okay to take my time with things. I am up to set dressing on a map and that's a stage of progress.

I will be likely inspired to go further, but I won't be going very far today because I'm off adventuring in meatspace, starting this afternoon.

I have to leave the house at half-past 3 to catch a train at 4 so I can get to a place at 5 and be in the thing with my Beloved by 6.

I expect to go through some caffeines tonight.

It's a twofer when I go on, today. I don't actually know about streaming? It's not that rewarding for me. But I can't expect an audience if I don't keep doing the thing.

I'll also ask my nerds on Discord.

You can weigh in, too.