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Health Update

A 44-post collection

Rest and Reconfiguration

I still can't write 1K words a day without hurting myself in the long term. Beloved insists that it's because I don't get enough fat in my diet and they might be right.

The only animal fat that I find (a) delicious and (b) easily-digestible is none other than pork fat. Which, as you might guess, is hellishly expensive. Other than that, I get my fats from Mascarpone, butter, and a hellfuck load of cheese.

Beloved criticises my daily fare as "lean". I know about some vegans who would say otherwise. I know MeMum's doctor would have fits about my diet.

So I pretty much have to let Beloved buy some food. Because dead pig is expensive and I'd never buy it for myself. I prefer food staples that last for more than one meal.

Ethical issues with porcine intelligence aside, I need to have me some pig meat (and fat) on the regular. It's a health thing. On the other side of the ethical table is the fact that pigs are firkin deadly, and I am not fit enough to cull me some ferals.

Further to my improved health efforts, I am switching to finishing off Rael, and not touching Clockwork Souls until I'm done. Starting today. And doing the 100-rest technique until my wrists improve.

Trying to figure out the best way to get some decent amounts of fat into my body before I wreck it is a continuing problem. I may have to have everything with lashings of real cream. Or cheese. Or cream cheese.

Ask me if I care. Go on. I'll wait.


My wrists are giving me two colours of hell. Today is Friday. Usually, the day I write a thousand words in my novel and congratulate myself on a job well done.

Thing is...

I've been writing a thousand words a day for four days in a row. No wonder my wrists frelling hurt.

So I shall focus on my thousand words today, and do the catch-up with Rael on the weekend.

And definitely focus on a minimum of one day of not

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Pump the Brakes!

Okay. So. This autumn season combined with the novel recovery efforts have made writing a literal pain. Fun.

It's okay if I take it slowly. I pause when my wrists start that low warning ache. Find something else to do.

I'm not going to power through it. That noise leads to worse pain and me laying up for who-knows-how-long with all sorts of medical intervention. Been there, done that, and it's amazing that I don't have lingering scars from the bracers.


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I do NOT know what this is

I'm tired all the time. Just behind my eyes. The rest of me seems to be awake and full of energy -hell- I woke up at like 1:30 AM [aka "Fuckoff O'Clock"] and try though I might, I could only snatch an hour's more sleep.

It could be asymptomatic lurgi. It could be the seasonal Thing getting to me in new ways. It could be a deficiency of something wearing away at me like nobody's business.

And my hip has decided

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So I just... zonked, yesterday. Passed out. Had a major nap-nap. Whatever you call it, I overdosed on sleep. And the good news is that I needed that.

The bad news is that I was still able to sleep for a majority of the night and my bod is like "more!" Also, I didn't get even one word in on Rael over the weekend.

It's cool. I'll make myself do some today. Monday to Friday are my gotta-work days.

The other bad

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It's a good thing I decided to do things the right way around, this morning.

I knew I would not have time to get my money on the brat run, this AM. So I waited until Chaos' bus was on its way before journeying out to get cash and victuals to restock our supplies.

And a good thing I did, because I have barely had time to sit before now.

Got a few paragraphs in on Babes in the Woods, though, so

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Initiating Quarantine Procedures

The ur-cold feeling in the back of my throat is getting worse. I feel alternately feverish and chilled. Worse than my usual "too-hot/too-cold" lack of body temperature control.

Which is, I have found out, one of the multiple comorbs that happen with ASD. Yay.

We were running around, yesterday, so I only got 500 words in during the events of the day. Still, progress is progress and I swore I would not fuss.

1K during an entire weekend feels like a

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So close...

When I started Keto, I weighed eighty-eight point eight (88.8) kilograms and believed I would never get lower than eighty neat.

This morning, I hit seventy-one point two (71.2). That's a little over seventeen and a half kilos that I thought I would never shed. And further - I am one and a bit kilos away from my goal weight.

On my Keto-versary, November the 22nd, I had successfully shed fourteen and a half kilos of that seventeen I've dropped.

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Not a lot to report

I have finished transferring Clockwork Souls from Novl'r to Stackedit. And just as well, because something didn't like me using Novl'r on my lappy and the dang thing kept reloading just as it finished loading up. Made my life hell.

Other than that, there's a whole lot of nothing that's getting done around here and I'm loving it.

Of course, there's still cleaning and whatnot, because you can't have the smell of prawns in your house for a week. Euw. But other

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After the Keto is broken...

I can definitely feel the effects of breaking Keto. Not helped in the slightest by the fact that cake was available, yesterday.

For those of you who are interested:

  • More asthma
  • Less focus
  • Less energy
  • Seeking more carb sources like someone who's mildly addicted

I haven't been off Keto long enough for it to effect my overall emotional balance, but I bet it would. Tomorrow, I'm back on to the good stuff. Salty broth, eggs, and loads of healthy fats.

Though potentially

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Slow-ish start

It's the weekend, and despite our best-laid PLNs to finish tidying up the yard rubbish, it's almost 11AM and my Beloved has yet to get out of bed.

Not that I'm enamoured of heavy lifting, per se, but I'd rather get the onerous stuff over with, you know?

But I have done my Instant first and I plan to nudge Beloved after I'm done with the advertising cycle.

Beloved's doing a three-day fast, starting yesterday. That's their pln. For the uninitiated, fasting

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Beloved is doing well

They're back from the hospital and currently overdue to get more IV antibiotics care of some mobile nurses who have yet to frikkin ring. They were supposed to ring at 7:30 this morning and have yet to say 'boo' to us.

It's gone past nine and I'm more than a little bit worried.

The good news is that the red has faded and so has the intense heat. The foot's still warm but we hope that that's a sign of healing

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I've hired new cleaners to help out with keeping the house in good nick. Yay me. And while I was working with them, the discussion meandered into diet and who's eating what. Which was an excellent opportunity to glance on LCHF and Keto.

And I also showed them Overdrive by Steam Powered Giraffe. Because they're awesome.

Turns out we're all nerds, so we can gas about our favourite nerdy stuff whilst also setting the house to order. Bonus.

And on top of

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Vital statistics

This Saturday Statistics is marred by the fact that we've run out of some of our blood sticks. So all my blood levels are "no data" until we get more of them. Bonus - I don't have to stick my finger with a sharp object for a little while.

And after that tiniest of small mercies, from last week:

Weight: 78.5 kg
Fat weight: 32.8 kg
Waist/Height: 0.529
Blood Sugar: no data
Blood Ketones: no data
Breath Ketones:

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Good News, Bad News

Good news: Beloved is on the mend.

Bad news: It took seven hours in hospital and three litres of saline drip to restore their health. And to add insult to injury, they couldn't figure out what was wrong with them.

Good news: I have my appetite back.

Bad news: I'm still tired as all get-out.

Beloved's had plenty of time to read up on random stuff, and it might actually be the magnesium compounds I've been taking because magnesium is good for

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