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Today promises to be some kind of fun.

1) Worming the cats
2) Acquiring new upright freezer
3) Unfuckening the house
4) Chaos is back to school, and I didn't get notified about when the bus arriveth

So far:

1) The cats are sequestered with doped foodstuffs in separate rooms... and objecting.
2) It's already half an hour into the time window the freezer people gave us for them to arrive and install [6:30 AM to 10:30 AM] but we have got the old freezer out of its niche and into an open area, also cleaned out the nasties from said niche.
3) All things will occur in due course, but the house is a mess because meal preps.
4) I am camped in the front room and awaiting any sign of bus arrival.

So. Yeah. I'm a busy 'Nutter, today.

Somewhere in all this chaos, I also have to do a Money Run so the cleaner gets paid, and I can acquire tasty victuals. During meal preps, I had WAY too much meats and not enough veg, so today's excursions are going to include more forays for keto-friendly vegetation. And stuff to make Cauli Mash because that S be awesome.

For now? I attempt to work.

Monday Madness

The house is a mess. I have not done a lot of maintenance there. Mayhem insists that driving to the local 7-11 is going to up his hours, but I refuse point blank to do any driving lessons less than half an hour. I know damn well he only wants to get crap junk food without being in the summer heat for the time it takes to walk there and back.

I have procrastinated now for a very long time so I

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Ah, Sunday.

I've been awake since half-past ten in the previous night. I have a story to write and likely a nap to catch up on. Mostly because I've been conscious for eight hours and will likely be awake for more than a few more.

Because staying focussed is not my strongest point on a Sunday morning.

I should pay some attention to what I should be doing instead of getting distracted by shiny things on the interwebs.

Let's get on with this.

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Chugging along

I just finished a stream where I recorded five stories and wrote a piece of music. I'm doing well. Tomorrow, I publish another episode of Inter-Mission for my potentially-two listeners.

It starts with one. It grows from there. Sooner or later, someone is going to do animations featuring their favourite bits.

Tuesday, I shall be editing a new episode of Inter-Mission, and since I'll probably be rat-faced by Thursday, I might not stream at all. It's pretty close to Xmas by then.

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And now the end is near...

I've almost finished painting the Kobold, kiddies. That means I'm nearly done with mini painting. At least until such time as I get my Bugbear printed and I paint that one. Or until such time as the other players in my current game want representation. OR until such time as I end up teaching my mini knowledge to a bunch of interested peeps who've somehow roped me into this noise.

...I know how these things go and so do you. Nothing is

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Late Start

I had fun at Toasty's stream and got to see some wonderful art happen. Now there's a vid-of-progress up on her Patreon and life is good because there is potential to share.

I managed to get halfway along on Episode 17 of Inter-Mission and as a bonus, some kind soul has listened to every episode. Huzzah. I have one confirmed listener.

One is where it starts, friends. Dear listener - please spread the word if you like my podcast. Even if you

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What a Tuesday

I'm seeing the doctor, today, about a mole on the back of my left ear. The old terror of cancer has me fearing the loss of my Darwin's point and the result of a notch out of my cartilage.

Every single time I've had a cancer scare, the damn thing's been benign and in recession. On the way out, and not even dangerous.

I know, sooner or later, one's probably going to get me, but... so far, precedent is on my side.

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