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::strangled anguish noises::

It's day five into the days free of new plague cases, dear readers, and I am having a stream of bad days.

  1. My main compy is circling the drain
  2. So is my Drobo
  3. So is my phone
  4. I can keep the main compy struggling along for a while BUT...
  5. In order to get all my data and preferences and so on, I need the Drobo to be alive
  6. Which requires an upgrade because the current case of the old Drobo is busy dying the death and rendering the Drobo very much dead

This is definitely a house that Jack built situation.

I need a case of Drobo
to render its drives a hobo
to restore the data
into the drive of the compy I like to work on.

Not quite the same rhythm, but you get it.

So. Until all that nonsense goes through, I will be doing all my faffing about on my main compy and all my actual work on my laptop.

I'm in the process of getting a new phone - slightly delayed by all the shops with technology not actually having technology in stock. Whee.

Oh, and for your entertainment:

[Shown here, an iMac monitor with shop wrapping and foam across the bottom edge]

I was not kidding about the pool noodle. It actually worked to preserve my fragile fingies. Pity the local smokers didn't do my fragile lungs any good.

...feckin smokers...

All of them minus masks, ignoring social distancing, and otherwise inviting fate. Grr.

Praise to the Apple Store, where the peeps and management actually paid attention to the firkin science. This includes:

  • All staff wearing masks, a phenomenal amount of them doing so properly
  • People enforcing social distancing in the clientele
  • Free masks for the clients
  • Hand sanitiser for anyone entering the store
  • Minimising contact for all present

I think they were happy to see me in my "highly fashionable" polka-dotted homemade mask. One more free mask for someone else in this time of burgeoning panic.

Still, we are five days in to not having plague in the sunshine state. There might be hope with the harsher lockdown now that the more southern states are waking up to the actual truth of the hellplague.

Anyway. I'm moving over to my laptop to do the story thing and then messing about with the rest of my day.

See you later.

One Day Plague Free


So here's why my story was super late yesterday, told in the rough timetable of my day:

  • Awake, clothes, cats, waking Chaos
  • Blog entry
  • Bus O'clock
  • Attempt to write Instant #1
  • A wild Mayhem appears. He has a thing
  • Taxi Duty Part 1
  • Following dropoff, I go to Costco to get essential supplies
  • 8/10 employees were not wearing their masks properly
  • Two of which weren't in Costco so I had to go to Bunnings for one of them
  • The one
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Today promises to be some kind of fun.

1) Worming the cats
2) Acquiring new upright freezer
3) Unfuckening the house
4) Chaos is back to school, and I didn't get notified about when the bus arriveth

So far:

1) The cats are sequestered with doped foodstuffs in separate rooms... and objecting.
2) It's already half an hour into the time window the freezer people gave us for them to arrive and install [6:30 AM to 10:30 AM] but we

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More shenanigans

The day after game night, following a carb feast of epic proportions, we are fixing what is broken in the kitty kondo. In this case, replacing a hinge I cracked with my idiocy, and replacing a sheet of roofing that got wobbled to death by the wind.

That's happening as soon as I get my clothes on.

Today's fiction nonsense will be happening... later. Possibly much, much later.

Because Pippi's former guardian is also planning a family visit. Whee.

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Game night woot woot!

I'm super excited for tonight and dreading tomorrow. Excited for tonight because I have another chance to RIDE THAT ANGST TRAIN HARD.

Choo choo motherflakker.

Tomorrow I must get the wriggles on to finish building the thing because the concrete we poured and moulded should be set enough to walk around on. Note that qualifier and the fact that Murphy has been laughing at us ever since the cement truck got bogged. Also note that I shall be exhausted out of my

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Halfway through the week. Huzzah, I guess.

Because of assorted shenanigans, Chaos gets her tuck shop on Wednesdays now. It's complicated and involves:

  • Tuck shop only being open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
  • An order-ahead system that completely obliterates the entire 'mercantile practice' thing
  • And also uses my credit card
  • "Healthy" choices that include sugary, flavoured milk 9_9 and processed, sugary juice
  • Also bread. Lots and lots of white, bad-for-you bread.

I might have to make the energy to come and talk

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The nice people with our dishwasher need me to call them. They sent me a message whilst other things were happening and the tiny ping of an incoming text was completely lost in the shuffle.

I have a hair appointment because the dye in my lurid hair has faded to the realms of euw. Apparently, you need to keep re-doing the new ones which are stains and not dyes. IDK from jack about hair dyes.

What happened to Fudge? Those colours were

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Sideways again? No problem.

I got derailed by doing two Years-in-Review over at Tumblr. First, showing all the highlights I'd found and reblogged, then showing off all the things I'm proud of.

Who knows? I might inspire other people to call out their faves this way. You gotta spread the love.

In other news, today's Instant may well be the weirdest one I've written to date. Buddy Cop/Soldier piece involving personified white blood cells. It was fun. After I went on a wiki walk to

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That Went Well

Here's my yesterday:

  • Attempt to get little darlings organised and pointed at school
  • Mayhem complains of gutsache and throws up
  • Book doctor's appointment and call school for Mayhem
  • Get Chaos off to school minus hitch
  • Do a cash run
  • Have five minutes to self before running Mayhem up to the doctor's
  • Hurry up and wait
  • Get recommendation for a CT scan (!) after bounce test doesn't give encouraging results
  • Paperwork
  • Hurry home to do what work I can in the interim
  • Rush off
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Disorganised today, dat-organised tomorrow.

And today was super-duper disorganised.


  • I didn't wanna get out of bed
  • Beloved needed me to track my food again
  • Which involved faffing about with a new app
  • Which made us late getting Mayhem to school
  • Chaos decided that she was "too tired" to be ready on time

And everything else has been a royal kerfluffle ever since.

I am tracking my macros, now, so that's a thing. And we'll likely find out that I'm nowhere near

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Fun Times Ahoy

Today is Mayhem's Discovery Day. He is spending 9-5 at the offices of his Traineeship place in Upper Tullagawoopwoop. And I'm the taxi.

Which means a pretty drastic re-arrangement of my evening schedule, but I can probably deal.

The pain in my butt right now is the fact that I had anxiety over this day to the point where sleep was (a) almost unattainable, (b) erratic, and (c) interrupted by just about anything.

So I need coffee.

LOTS of coffee.

And my

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Today is going to be "fun"

Here's what I know:

Capt S. is coming up via train to celebrate KIABIL's birthversary and, to a lesser extent, mine.

Here's what I don't know:

  • Where
  • When
  • How
  • Who's expected to cater
  • Will there be cake?

Because nobody tells me anything.

And I still have to scratch up an Instant for y'all, but my fluffy little brain wants to look at fanart of my favourite asshole elf, Taako. You know, from TV? And continuing on with that fanfic that's possessed me

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Sideways, again!

Did the story before I did my blogging. Derp.

On the plus side, this morning marks the first where I can do something that I haven't done since I began Keto. Yes, folks, I finally dipped my bread in my soup.

Of course, it's Keto-friendly coconut 'bread', and my usual cream of egg drop chicken noodle soup, but it's been so long. I love it.

Art work on shot #6 of SESP is finished, and commenced on shot #7 with barely a

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Officially buggered

So after yesterday's chronicled shenanigans, I had like $15 cash left because new license, which was just enough, including the change I had with, to purchase Friday's knackwurst.

I had to write Friday's 1000 words whilst waiting for Miss Chaos, and almost forgot she had to see the dentist. That subsequent side trip also involved me getting back into my clothes in a goshdurn hurry.

Check-up looked good. All there is to worry about is a minor inflamation around the gums, for

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Crowded Days Ahead

Chaos is seeing her shrink, today. We're all going to a funeral, tomorrow. I have no idea what Wednesday holds, but it's bound to include looking for more Beta-readers for Beauties, and possibly working on Chaos' very first book. I should have the time by then.

I need to figure out a way to make an iced coffee that I can tolerate, because there's no way I can drive as much as I'm driving, this week, without caffeine. One that will (a)

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