Oh Fuck

My car is due a service. Just freshly overdue.

That is going to co$t us. Lot$ and lot$.

All my lappy cash is tied up in bitcoin trading in the hopes of getting a better lappy in the new fiscal year. And since bitcoin is crashing at the moment, my hopes lie in buying low and selling dear.

Any extra cash I had has been sucked up in little disasters, rebalancing the credit card, and getting myself the odd shiny thing here and there for treat value.

In health news, I am definitely horking up bronchial casts. [Offensensitivity warning: Do not look this thing up if you are easily squicked] I've spotted a few 'branches' and some 'alveoli' in my leavings. Which would be fascinating for me if they weren't still variegated chartreuse.

And yes, I have made an appointment to see the local quack. The rest of the bug has fled, and all that remains is the bacteria having a party in my mucous.

Gross. I know. Sickness is gross. Anyone saying different is selling something.

As soon as this blog entry is done, I'm doing a saline dose on Max, hopefully to shift this shit.

Because horking up chunks is not my fave activity.