Challenge #03913-J261: The Function of Finance

"You could be making eons!!"

"Why would I? I make enough already, and the elderly are safe, and end their days, here, in peace."

"These are resorts trillionaires would pay through the nose for!"


"You're letting plebians and leeches use it!"

"They're living, cognisant, beings."

"I just don't get it!"

"You're a Deregger CEO, you never have."

"Okay then Smart Guy, teach me how you're rich but doing this??"

"Alright, no problem." -- Anon Guest

"Look around at everything I have. What do I really need?" said Alik. "I already have a life of luxury. I have comfort. I have every flavour at my fingertips. I have all the companionship I want. What do I really need?"

Deregger CEO Matramsyn sneered at the surroundings. Everything was... reliable. It wasn't conspicuous. It wasn't brand. It was serviceable. "You need to update your brand," he said. "Synergise the message you're sending to the world. What are you trying to say with all this... stuff?"

"I'm not saying anything. People who come here go because they're my friends. They know my style. As for an update... If you think I need it, would you give it to me?"

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