Challenge #03742-J089: Just Keep Them Occupied

A family begs Wraithvine to babysit two very hyper kids so they can go and gather in the crops. Normally the mother would watch the children, but she is feeling very ill. Needless to say, at naptime, Wraithvine has no problem getting the kids to sleep. -- The New Guy

[AN: My RNG gender picker wound up with "he/hims" all the way down, so it's Papa and Dad running the farm in this story]

The triplets were far too young to be allowed to handle farm equipment. They were also old enough to be more than a handful for their parents. One of whom was down with digestive issues owing to a very bad wheel of cheese.

Fortunately, a passing Elf was happy to help.

Ze first summoned a phantom servant to help the Dad in the fields whilst ze took direction from Papa, stuck in the privy with a bucket as his best friend.

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