Interspecies Relationships

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Challenge #04206-K188: The Kindness Treaty

A village deliberately founded ON TOP of a kobold burrow, with the manor of the village lord covering to entrance to the burrow itself. But it isn't what people think. The village cared for the kobolds. Especially since the lord was saved by these beings when they were a small child being chased by monsters. -- Anon Guest

Gratitude has many aspects. A simple "thank you" is just the most common one. Sometimes nothing more than a meaningless sound since it it spent so often. Sometimes, it's a herald for gifts. Once, it preceded something grand.

"The land for your palace is beset by Kobolds, m'lady," said the appointed seneschal. "Shall we send in sappers and barrels of smokepowder?"

"No," she said. "Fortify the entrances you find. Set up temporary shades and feasting tables outside. I would parley with their Balaur." The new lord smiled at her seneschal's confusion. "We're going to make peace, and welcome them as fellow citizens. I owe them."

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Challenge #04168-K150: Clever Move

In the Alliance Paintball League, a team of former Vorax managed to finally defeat a human team. The after-party was quite a huge feast. With the humans joking going "We'll get it next year!" It was a lot of fun! -- Anon Guest

It was a good hunt. Not always high energy, but definitely high tension as both sides had stealth and cunning aplenty. In an arena like this, Deathworlder versus Deathworlder, it was anyone's guess who'd get the final shot.


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Challenge #04130-K112: Work Cohabitation Arrangement

Dierd asks F'tibb if they would like to team up with him. He went to sargassos to gather wrecked ships to bring them back so their materials could be used. He also captured asteroids for sale for their valuable minerals. The low-grav was no problem with the special suit he wore, and there were areas of his ship at normal grav for him to exercise in so he could retain muscle tone. -- Anon Guest


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Challenge #04119-K101: Unplanned Landscaping Incident

The dragon was young, admittedly, only about a 100 human years. It tended to rampage, but so far not in any place where cogniscent beings lived. But it was only a matter of time. A much, MUCH, older dragon decided to put a stop to such behaviors firmly. Before it caused a ruckus that would end up risking other dragons lives. -- Anon Guest

Ze called hirself Remrot, like all young Dragons, ze liked a name with a bit of edge. In

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Challenge #04038-K020: Met Along the Way

A small band of human merchants come to the village. The village has never seen humans before, and were afraid, due to all the horrible things said that humans do to people like the ones here. These humans were not what they expected, in fact, they were really very kind. -- Anon Guest

To call it a village might have been something of an exaggeration. Most of the buildings were temporary structures to keep the wind away from the cooking fires or

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Challenge #03881-J229: Catch and Release

Within the infinite expanse of the multiverse the existence of humans are questionable at best. For the universes that do host Homo sapiens, there is one multiversal constant. Humans are the most [KERATINOUS SKULL PROJECTION] beings in the universe. Even in the universe that can be best described as warhammer 40K, Jahhatai Khan is cruising the vastness of space in search of xenoussy. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Not doing Warhammer, because I only know it via osmosis. Also because using someone else's

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Challenge #03681-J028: Sweet Poison

Brain: They're definitely a red flag.

Heart: But red is my favourite colour…

Brain: no.

You know: Hey-

Brain: You, shut up

You definitely know: But I didn’t say anythi-

Brain: we a part of the same body, I KNOW what you about to say -- Anon Guest

The adults of the Elven community called it the battle of head, hand, and heart. The wants of different parts of the whole. Qimaris was warned that this would happen when hir body

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Challenge #03568-I279: Mostly Harmless, You Say?

I'm a captain of a ship and this is my people's first time, ever, having a human aboard. We're nervous, but we were shocked to find they already know our language, know much about our culture, and knows how to ease the fears of those of us who frighten more easily. You know? I think this is going to work. -- Anon Guest

Captain Bel was the first to greet the Human. She was very understandably nervous about having a Deathworlder on

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Challenge #02824-G267: On Inter-species Relationships

Inter-species relationships are not common but you can bet Humans have the highest percentage of them. -- Anon Guest

Love? Love is strange. Especially when it's Humans doing it. For them, love is many things and not a single one of them is rational, logical, or reasonable. There is, for instance, no reasonable reason why a Human would fall in love with a Chitanean, but they can, have, will, and do.

Love, the Humans insist on pointing out, doesn't necessarily mean that

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Challenge #01891-E067: Stop, Children

I can't be the only one who, when consuming media focusing around the notion of "mythology made modern" (taking fantasy creatures and putting them in our time and place like they've always been there), gets kinda tired of the sort of "prejudice is the conflict" thing best described as "black and white gang up on green".

You know, the situation where lazy/bad writers rename "white supremacy" as "human supremacy", heavy-handedly portray the fantasy races with negative human stereotyping (making orcs and

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Challenge #01860-E036: Tenacity Personified

From PictureWritingPrompts - [Picture shows a cliffside town at the base of a very steep, zig-zagging road. Buildings of a small village cling to the side of slopes that are only mildly kinder than the almost sheer cliffs on either side of this town. There are a few jetties stretching into the dark water.]

A lesson must be taken from The Thaknakys Expedition. They had thought that they had found a graveworld on the other side of the newly-reopened wormhole. There was

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Challenge #01160-C065: Weird is Universal

A person is the only member of their species in a group, so a lot of their behaviour is passed off as "must be a (species) thing."

Then they meet up with the others and it turns out no, none of them do that, it's a Dave thing. -- Gallifreya

In the interests of diplomacy, crews from various species' crew have been shared out into other species' vessels. I think the Galactic Alliance is trying to engender familiarity with others as a

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