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Challenge #03977-J325: Out of the Frying Pan

"Well, that was stupid."

"Hey it worked didn't it? We're alive aren't we?"

"Yeah.... but still...."

"If it worked, and we got out, then it wasn't stupid."

"I guess....." -- Anon Guest

"It also depends how one defines 'out'," said Tordd as ze looked out the windows to their landing ground. "True, we have survived the crash, but we are also trapped in a lifepod on something of a Deathworld."

"Okay," said Human Raf, already rooting about in the compartments for whatever he could find. "It's not ideal, I grant. The pod's transmitting, we have some supplies... This thing has an airlock." He had a huge grin. "Once we're done with the scanners, I can probably venture out and get whatever's useful."

"You are not going to go full Minecraft on this world."

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Challenge #03084-H176: Hello Again, Little Friend

They had crashed on a planet where the atmosphere was toxic. The pods were safe and able to be moved together to create a larger shelter, and with only four of them, the shelter was big enough for at least a month, though rescue stated they'd be there in about two weeks given the distance and lack of short cuts in that area. Their patient's infection showed by day two. The human frowned, seeing it, then began to cut apart citrus peels

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Challenge #02019-E195: Lost and Found in Space

Wait, what happens to the poor guy in space in “Show Me the Way...”???

Does he find his way home or does he make space into his new home? I’m so curious now. -- Anon Guest

[AN: The prompt throws back to this story for those who don't want to go on an archive crawl]

Personal journal: Stardate... I don't even know by now. Everyone has a different way of counting and the standard year is something I can't even figure

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Challenge #01695-D234: Unlikely Survival Tactics

[Person #1]: Stop asking hard questions.

[Person #2]: Buddy, if I could stop thinking 'em, I'd stop asking 'em. -- RecklessPrudence

It's very clear that humans are gather-hunters whenever an isolating emergency occurs. Their first instinct is to gather everything they can and use that as a basis for what they do next. Often, this can be displacement activity in situations where the best course of action is to wait for the ERT to come to the rescue.

But there are other

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Challenge #01486-D025: Worth a Life

“unfortunately it hurts all 3 of my feelings” - Carrie Fisher -- RecklessPrudence

Oh crap. She'd tripped over a Faerie nest.

Of all the authors who featured the Fair Folk in their modern writings, A. A. Milne said it best: Their bodies were so tiny that they could only process one feeling at a time. What hardly anyone remembered about Faeries is this: immortality can drive cogniscent beings insane. Milne's traditional cause of faerie death is not what these hyperactive creatures needed.

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