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Challenge #03970-J318: The Path Untrodden

I am not the future you, nor are you my past self anymore. More correctly, you are that forgotten starting point of mine, unfulfilled ideal of mine, the unchosen answer in many decisions. -- Anon Guest

If you could change anything about your past - would you? If given that chance, what would you change? The threads of time and fate can only tangle one way, it seems. But what if--?

The Faekindred of Nanogh play with time like most children play with dolls. They also play with mortals. One of whom is about to get a typical "Faerie Favour".

Call her... Mari. That's how the nursery tales will remember her centuries hence. Those stories also differ about what she did to earn it, and ultimately don't matter. The point is the tangles of change.

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Challenge #03969-J317: Negotiations

My people sent me to meet the humans for the first time. They look much like us, though they don't have our wings. I'm nervous, I've heard many things. But it's been said those that gain their favor are well protected. Powers protect me, here we go. -- Anon Guest

[AN: humanoids with wings are bad alien design, so this is automatically within a fantasy realm. Perhaps some faeries who have "gone native" in Mundis Mortalidae - aka the mortal realm ]


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Challenge #03957-J305: Faerie Retribution

Several bullies have a spell put on them so that they're forced to feel what their victims felt when being bullied. Save for the adult who had nothing but hate in their heart, everyone else learns their lessons well. -- Anon Guest

Parents say it to their children all the time. The Faekindred will get you. A general warning to play by the rules, stay close, and otherwise behave oneself. A mishap immediately after an ill-willed action or statement is said to

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Challenge #03886-J234: A Joke Too Far

An adorable little fae-dragon is quite the trickster. Imagine how much fun it is to drop glowing little rainbow scales down the back of people's shirts and be able to flit away and giggle. -- Anon Guest

Nanogh, otherwise known as the Plane of Magic, is home to many strange creatures. Sometimes, it takes things literally. Like dragonflies. Or rather, Fly-Dragons. In the primary mortal plane, intelligent Dragonkind gets no smaller than Kobolds. The smallest of Dragonkind in the mortal plane is

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Challenge #03632-I344: You Think You're Smart

The prophecy, a young girl of humble means will rise up against tyranny. With no sword in hand, only the heart, the tyrant will end, balance restored, and peace once more to a war-torn land. -- Anon Guest

Tyrants generally mislike prophecies in which they get overthrown. It's a whole thing. One would think that, when faced with a prophecy about heroes with humble beginnings, a tyrant might actually eliminate any kind of humble setting by -say- affording their peasants some decent

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Challenge #03627-I339: Legally Bound

“I finally created the ultimate slave contract where the victim is enslaved by their own free will, they may be able to break it anytime but the repercussion will be emotionally immense.” “My lord, these are just adoption papers

oh here’s part 2 -- Anon Guests

[AN: I can only guess that these are from two different Nonnies, but the second link supplied leads only to the first bit. Alas, alack]

Lord Aszhatt glared at the seneschal. "But they must fear

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Challenge #03124-H215: Essential Enforcement

It's from this, but more from the prompts.

The lords of the realm now must face the wrath of their people. But rather than being killed, their people turn on them and drag them before the king in chains demanding the king teach these errant lords a lesson about mistreating the people they are supposed to care for.

https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03076-h168-freedom-by-the-press -- DaniAndShali

"Well, this is an interesting development," said the King. The people had revolted against their revolting

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Challenge #03086-H178: What a Deal

If. The codicil to a lot of Life's bargains, often toxic, usually starting in learning years, where you often learn more than what's on the syllabus. -- Nonny the Mouse

Sadi hadn't known what they were getting into when they got into it. What they were used to getting into was Miss Tiven's Crap List. This time, Sadi had accidentally wandered into the Feywilds. It wasn't really Sadi's fault, they were just following instructions as best they could remember... so they thought.

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Challenge #03076-H168: Freedom By the Press

Ok, I gotta get in on this one! :-) I've been reading your stuff for a while now and I've not had the courage to post, but this sounds like the plot to one of the DnD games I was in and it was great, so anyhow!

The person that came in had the same story that many of the others did. A tale of woe where they'd been convinced the King's rules were why the person lived in poverty and pain.

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Challenge #03036-H113: Where and How to Cut

In a quiet meeting room several met. Each one of them carrying a blade. Each blade were of various conditions of care, or lack thereof. As had became tradition, these blades were exchanged amongst each other, no blood upon them, and then thrust into a soft wooden half-sphere that lay upon the table showing each hand was empty. They discussed why they came to the palace, why they had once wanted to kill the king. What they had learned from the King

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Challenge #02971-H048: Tools of Politics

The king's new "Knife" has been there for several months. At the end of the year, he had absolutely no intention on using his blade. He understood, now, what was really going on, information he made very certain others knew, albeit, subtly as he knew there were those who were still like him out there.

Then in the night, another knife came, but instead of the king, they met the other 'knife' living within the palace. It was time for a talk.

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Challenge #02922-G365: Danger in Ignorance

It is the modern era. Faerie folk and other such beings are considered nothing but old stories. But, sometimes, stories are real. She was born with the gift to see the supernatural for who they were even if they hid amongst the normal modern world. She could understand their languages no matter how old or obscure it was. And read their words. From the most ancient to the most modern. And yet, as she grew older, she learned this was something handed

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Challenge #02891-G334: A Precision Instrument

He sits upon a seat on the balcony over-looking moonlit gardens. From behind a curtain, a young man comes, blade drawn, to take his life. Oddly enough, while there were some guards, he actually waved them away and asked the lad to come closer so he could have a talk with the young assassin.

"I currently rule as king amongst my people. We have the Cardinal Law, ensuring that no one, no matter how poor they are, is left without at least

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Challenge #02859-G302: Fae Fascination

The Fates, the Benevolent ones, In olden times mothers used to leave cake and wine so they'd look kindly on a newborn. She was no fool, a neatly sliced black forest cake, a bottle of very good dessert wine and a bag of superfine merino fleece. -- Nonn7mouse

Upon bringing a newborn into the house, it is tradition to give a gift to the Fae to prevent the child being stolen, and so that the Benevolent Ones look kindly upon the new

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Challenge #02857-G300: The Curse/Blessing of Brightherald

Her child, one of several otherwise unwanted waifs within the village that she'd adopted, brought him to Ma. An older woman who was scarred and, yet, quite strong. She never gave up hope. He was old, he was poor, and he spent a great deal of time hungry. She'd seen him begging before, but had never had a chance to speak to him. When he was lead to her by one of her children during the Sunshine Festival, she had the chance

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