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Challenge #03969-J317: Negotiations

My people sent me to meet the humans for the first time. They look much like us, though they don't have our wings. I'm nervous, I've heard many things. But it's been said those that gain their favor are well protected. Powers protect me, here we go. -- Anon Guest

[AN: humanoids with wings are bad alien design, so this is automatically within a fantasy realm. Perhaps some faeries who have "gone native" in Mundis Mortalidae - aka the mortal realm ]

The chief difference between Faeries and Pixies is a certain amount of homicidal intent. Second to that is only the fierce territoriality and a fondness for teeth. Pixies kill larger creatures on purpose. Faeries kill larger creatures because they thought something would be funny. This makes little difference to those who die at their tiny and adorable hands.

They don't grant wishes. Or, not many of them. They might, if you make the right trade, say the right words, and tread very carefully, grant one. If that wish is, "I wish I get out of here alive."

Therefore it's tremendously rare that they send an envoy.

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Challenge #03251-H342: Learn, Guys

The leaders of Liberteria attempt to sue for the destruction of their ships and to demand their people be returned. Pax Humanis - ordered to capture, NOT kill, the criminals this time, take great pleasure in teaching the finer parts if irony. -- Anon Guest

Libertaria never truly learned sense. Much like the exploration eras of Human history, they sent more people to find out what had happened to the last people that went out and

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Challenge #03125-H216: Save Your Gluthorpian Dollars...

So y’all are fine with killing other Xenos, but then some Humans do the same thing to other Humans and it’s suddenly immoral? At least we’re consistent with our genocidal policies. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I do not condone genocide of any kind btw]

The war was over, for certain. Not because any side had won, but because there was little fight with, or even over. Most of the contested territory was radioactive, no longer fertile, and, in fact,

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Challenge #03020-H097: With Stone Tools

The Vorax were stranded on a planet with several humans, both ships having been taken down by an unexpected solar flare of significant intensity. Due to the fact this was a survival situation, the two factions, for now, put aside their differences to work together. These Vorax, like many others, had heard stories of humans and their abilities. But it really did not hit home how true these stories were, until they insisted on going with the humans to hunt prey animals

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Challenge #02633-G076: For Best Results

you were hired by the local baron to hunt a beast in the forest of veils. you armed yourself with the proper tools and weapons, gather information from the locals about the beast, that when you came across new information from a witch that guard the forest. when you learn the witch location you bolted there. the witch wasn't hostile, friendly even. the witch didn't tell you much, most of it you already know. although there are things that not even the

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Challenge #02602-G045: The Motivation Solution

What are you doing?

No, don't jump down here!


Here's the thing with having Humans on your ship. Sometimes they are young Humans and don't always know the rules of proper behaviour. It is difficult to know which Humans are capable and which are... less... capable until such time as they reveal their limits. Humans are a relatively unknown species and those taking the risks of their company on the Edge are more or less

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Challenge #02326-F136: At Least They Don't Speak Owo

Humans meet a species that looks very similar to a creature from a franchise. -- Anon Guest

Ensign Jans was vibrating in her seat. She was evidently using every atom of restraint to keep her reaction to a minimum, but Captain Thorne had learned to react to crew-member's tells before said crew-members could explode. In this case, Ensign Jans was a lit keg of fandom enthusiasm and would therefore be unfit for duty in seconds or less.

Therefore, Captain Thorne said, "Ensign

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Challenge #02211-F021: Edge Case

A young human has many questions about the Vorax, specifically considering potential friendship. -- Anon Guest

This is Edge Space. Where the laws are negligible or arbitrary and generally written around whatever is most convenient. Here, the weirdest things can happen. Havenworlders and Deathworlders cohabit. People are more inclined to explain things when offense happens. In Galactic Space, one is expected to use good behaviour. In Edge Space, one is expected to communicate what good behaviour is. People normally at arms come

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Challenge #02196-F006: Mutually Assured Social Destruction

A Havenworlder calls their human companion annoying and embarrassing pet names in front of other humans. -- Anon Guest

In every spaceport, there is a minimum of one place where the Spacers go to bend an elbow, tell tall tales, and possibly gain a bedmate or two for some haptic rewards. Such as it was with The Greasy Dive Eat Drink, where a Human calling themself Jeg was holding court to a bevy of attractive and interested fellow Humans.

"So there I

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Challenge #02174-E345: Unstoppable Argument vs Unflappable Opposition

Automatic skills, once acquired you can just do them. Touch typing, knitting and my personal favourite the cat owner's foot sweep and fridge door close manoeuvre. -- Knitnan

Muscle memory is an amazing thing. A skill set repetitive enough can wander into the back-brain and just... remain there. Encamped. Ensconced. Set into stone once done often or regularly enough. So much so that the being involved in such thorough learning can employ them whilst employed in another activity. This phenomenon is most

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Challenge #02148-E319: Mutual Flailing With Shouting

"Good news Commander, there is a settlement with enough material to repair our ship, the inhabitant seems more curious than afraid, and they are more than willing to trade the needed materials for help with theirs infrastructure. Mainly a water purifying station and a basic energy production facilities."

"Do they understand GalStand ?"

"That's the tricky part... That's a Vorax settlement..." -- Anon Guest

Can you imagine a surprise bigger than that? The Vorax have castes, and the most widely-known is the warrior

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Challenge #01997-E173: With Understanding

Considering many herbivores on earth are gigantic and fully capable of hurting us “predators”, how would a group of humans handle a diplomatic encounter with a council of large, all herbivore, prey-species, in order to convince them to join the larger space society?

We need them to trust us but also respect us.

Fear is a powerful tool indeed. -- Anon Guest

Havenworlders amble gently into cogniscence and cautiously dip their toes into space travel. They are, by nature, the species most

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