Challenge #03020-H097: With Stone Tools

The Vorax were stranded on a planet with several humans, both ships having been taken down by an unexpected solar flare of significant intensity. Due to the fact this was a survival situation, the two factions, for now, put aside their differences to work together. These Vorax, like many others, had heard stories of humans and their abilities. But it really did not hit home how true these stories were, until they insisted on going with the humans to hunt prey animals to avoid starvation. -- Fighting Fit

"So... you put down your disruptor and I put down my tanglenet and we go kill animals for food like civilised beings?" said Human Hal. As far as peace treaties were concerned, it was very basic.

"Need food. Weapon ruining food. You much better getting food whole." Vorax holsters did not have lock-in straps on them, but this one put their disruptor away and moved their clothing to make ready access more difficult. They then stared at the other tools that Hal was holding. "Stone tools?"

"If stupid and working, not stupid," said Hal, switching to GalSimple. They offered a spear. "You wanting?"

The Vorax took it cautiously. "Short for stabbing," they allowed.

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