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Challenge #03994-J342: Another Game of Tag

A swift deathworlder with a strong ship refuses to believe humans cannot be escaped if someone simply TRIES hard enough. They make a challenge. 1 v 1, any person - except a lucker or pax humanis - can be chosen for this. The challenge? They get 1 day head start and the human has the equivalent of one month to catch them. The gambling on this went wild. -- Anon Guest

One average, ordinary, everyday Human accountant with access to any everyday resource versus a Deathworlder with everything they normally had access to. There's always someone who wants to prove they're the biggest dog in the yard, and this was yet another occurrence of the game.

Deathworlder Challenger Kaj had a day to get away from Human Qing. After that, then the Human was free to do anything within their normal realms of expertise and resources to find and then physically contact Kaj.

The betting pool was marked in hours and days, with or without travel time. The betting was hot, and usually in the lower available numbers.

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Challenge #03917-J265: Five Ends of Them Are Pointy

Wutu's transport was attacked. Deceptive, Dessie, now well grown, was laying near its owner purring. But the pirates learned quickly, that the cat had learned to guard its owner against hostiles, and be gentle toward friendlies. They'd live, but would definitely need quite a lot of medical care. -- Anon Guest

Of all the incontrovertible laws that governed the universe, there was one that Humans insisted be upheld. Once a cat is on your lap, you

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Challenge #03822-J170: Some Culture to Bring Home

Unfortunately, the Thranityr, Daiv, is defeated in the eating competitions. They can't BELIEVE that there are humans that have more of a capacity than them! They'll have to bring this tradition back home, er... first let's ask the humans to help set up the contests. -- Anon Guest

Verne the Vacuum did have stiff competition. Unfortunately for Daiv, the goal was speed and not volume. Well, not completely volume. It was the most volume in

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Challenge #03737-J084: Salty, Fatty, Sweet, and Deep Fried

It makes me wonder, as I sit here looking out the port at the stars. How are the Alliance handling the idea of the Thranityr, especially the Vorax subvariant, no longer being a major danger ever since us humans came along to teach them the foods that we, ourselves, are constantly being told to eat in moderation? -- Anon Guest

It was an old argument against Deathworlders. Let one in and more will follow. And now it seemed to be coming true

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Challenge #03709-J056: What's it Feel Like?

They're 6 ft tall, they look like great, big, fluffy, plushie versions of lizards, due to their home planet being a rather cold place, and humans are absolutely sqee'ing in delight. To the humans, these creatures, Deathworlders like them, are so absolutely adorable it's almost painful! -- Anon Guest

They were called the Quetzaloq, and they were indeed feathered lizards. They met the Humans on a frosty world they were both looking at for resort capability. For an uncomfortable moment, ape met

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Challenge #03700-J047: Welcome to Heaven on...

I read your latest story while at work. My coworkers wondered what the cackling was about, but I couldn't help it, it was just too amusing. I saw the comment and I would like to second it. Would you do a story where the individuals actually arrive at, and participate in, the food eating competition?

It is from here - -- The New Guy

Food! Glorious food! Daiv was anxious to try it. Gleaming piles

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Challenge #03637-I349: My Kind of Battle

Former Vorax, they gave up raiding which is all but unheard of in their species, much less their particular sect of their species, still want to fight, have competitions. Then they hear of humans having vicious battles where they choose a foodstuff and try to out-EAT each other. Battle where the losers are the ones that eat the LEAST food?? Now that is THEIR kind of fight! -- Anon Guest

"All I can eat?" repeated Vorax Daiv. They were already dribbling in

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Challenge #03555-I266: To Walk the Flame

Havenworlders and other Deathworlders, at least those not from really hot planets, are aghast as they watch humans in firewalking ceremonies. How in the name of the POWERS are humans walking on fire and hot coals barefoot? -- Fighting Fit

Welcome to Terra. Come for the spectacles, stay for the food. The Humans will do anything to show off for an audience. Including things that really should hurt them worse than they do.

These humans were walking barefoot across fire. Well. Technically,

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Challenge #03546-I257: Deathworlder Branded Fun

Two humans ended up in the infirmary needing injuries to faces and hands treated. Especially the faces. Why? The two were boxing, just for the fun of it. Needless to say, medics dislike it greatly when humans do this to each other. -- Anon Guest

The understanding barrier is sometimes difficult to surmount. Such was the case aboard the Egmont, in an event with two Humans and a Medik. Human Daeth and Human Wat bore multiple contusions and lacerations. Medik Ixodidd treated

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Challenge #03368-I080: Unweapons Ready

A mixed class of Humans and other Deathworlders have joined a space marines corps within the Alliance. It's a lot harder than it looks, even for the Human cadets. -- Anon Guest

They say that war never changes, but the fields of conflict do indeed change. The arms race is one that cannot be won, only lost. Eventually, some smartarse invents the ultimate defensive capabilities and too much money is spent on looking for something that could get through it.

Firstly, the

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Challenge #03303-I015: The Terrors of Human Larvae

Q: How do you terrify a Vorax?

A: Stick them on a ship with a bunch of humans and tell them they're going to have to babysit the toddlers!

This exchange program is going to require the poor Vorax getting a large amount of therapy afterward. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Children should never be seen as punishment. No matter what the circumstances]

There was a nervous peace between the Humans and the Vorax. The Alliance was letting the Humans spread their pack-bonding

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Challenge #03261-H352: Beware the Shy and Retiring Wildlife

A Deathworlder alien visits Australia, they don't listen when the humans tell them it's too dangerous to go even into the shallows of the water along the beach by Perth. The idiot, despite the human running as fast as they can to stop them, goes wading in with an arrogant smirk of "it's only water, and if the fish is named after a harmless substance that even your kind use to denote someone who's weak or cowardly, how bad can it be?

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Challenge #03201-H292: Therapeutic Tales

The Havenworlders who were saved when the scaffold fell decided to visit the Human that saved them. The medics realized having the Human sit alone in silence, while it did help the body heal, was damaging to a human's mind and caused them to become agitated. So the medics invited the visitors to come, to chat, and explained that it helped a human recover. The workers who had put up the scaffolding incorrectly, which lead to the accident, also visited, to apologize.

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Challenge #03182-H273: Turnabout Refreshment

ryivhnn68 22 hours ago

There will be an equivalent to this happening somewhere where the humans are silently or otherwise freaking out when one of their new friends just goes ahead and chugs some industrial grade cleaner or fuel because it's a delicacy back where they're from XD

From the comments -- DaniAndShali

Human Zen had been trying to get the gluck off a part for an assembly. It was some pretty solid stuff, and necessitated

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Challenge #03161-H252: Teaching Gently

Level 1 Havenworlders, and levels one through three Deathworlders, were being trained in how to work in childcare facilities that would have human children there. How to help them burn off the excess energy Human children tended to have, and to keep the Human children, and all other children, as well as themselves, safe. -- Anon Guest

Education in the Galactic Alliance gets... interesting. Class sizes rarely exceed ten. Indeed, eight is when the facility starts looking at ways to divide the

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