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Challenge #03560-I271: Fare-thee-well to Planet Hell

It's well known the fluids that comes out of humans can be dangerous to other species. Imagine their shock when they realize that some of these fluids are deadly even to humans! Such as the hydrochloric acid inside their stomachs, or the fact their liquid waste product, if it breaks down, turns into ammonia!

Note - one of the reasons human stomach cells never stop growing is the fact that the main ingredient in stomach acids is hydrochloric acid. One of the most deadly, and caustic, acids currently known to human kind. Also, urea, which is the main component of human urine, when allowed to break down, turns into raw ammonia. Yes, the same ammonia people use in most industrial cleaning products. It was used in ancient roman fulleries - laundry services - for centuries before the fall of the empire. This is due to the fact ammonia is an excellent way for getting stains and grime out of clothing. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Human bodily fluids have had industrial uses since the dawn of industry. Ancient Roman steel used to be made using the urine of a red-headed boy, and gigantic bowls were left by the street near tanners so that males in need could "make a contribution" to the business. History is gross and fun]

They had been rescued from a very hostile planet, but not quite hostile enough to end Humans. They were a resourceful bunch. With little in the way of surviving technology, they managed to kludge together most tools necessary to continue surviving until rescue could get there.

They were thinner, sicker, and in rougher shape than most would believe possible. Thus adding to the legend of Human indomitability.

Finding out how they did it was an exercise in horror.

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Challenge #03545-I256: Tough Suffering

A Human and other Deathworlders are hurt, that was a bumpy landing in that survival pod. The human gives the others in the pod all of the pain meds. They decide to "tough it out" until help arrives. But, they can handle it. -- Anon Guest

Good news - it was a hospitable world. Great news, the molecular printers and disassemblers had survived in workable condition. Terrible news... Human Ret had survived the crash with fractured ribs. Compared to the others, a

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Challenge #03518-I230: Mutual Exchange

Two ships, one Phlorian, one Human, both badly damaged. Two pods, only two survivors, one from each ship, crash land on a planet. It has a breathable atmosphere, but nothing for the Human to eat. The Phlorian decides to help so the human doesn't die, hope the Human likes hair, sorta. -- Anon Guest

The meat being was very useful, Valmys had to admit. He could use the environment, improvise weapons, and otherwise hunt or trap the fast things that she could

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Challenge #03272-H363: Friendly Locals, Nice Scenery...

You know, I really hate people. They’re selfish, Ignorant, loud-obnoxious pricks, with basically no redeeming quality what so ever. I mean really look at all they achieved, genocide, global warming, reality tv. It’s just a never ending parade of failures and f#%* ups. They are without question, a complete write off a species, & HOW DARE YOU MAKE ME CARE ABOUT THEM -- Anon Guest

An alien was living in Lower Widdlington. All the conspiracists, true believers, and people constantly

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Challenge #03200-H291: Between a Rock and...

The human had, somewhat grudgingly to start with, accepted a job from a havenworlder who read too much from the infonets and didn't always understand the gist of what was put there. The job sounded dangerous, so they prepared for the worst. The planetary survey, a small ship just big enough for the human and a very, very small crew, was likely the most boring one they'd ever been hired as guard duty for. It was like being paid to go on

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Challenge #03007-H084: How to Fix a Broken World

Normally she was a very quiet young woman. She spent her time repairing antique spinning wheels, cleaning up antique wood-fire stoves and helping install them in friends' homes, teaching people how to make looms, weave cloth, and turn that cloth to clothing. When she got older and had kids of her own, she, and her spouse, taught them to garden, to hunt, to raise and harvest their animals and preserve food, how to cut and store wood, how to repair and use

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Challenge #02994-H071: Survival's Edge

One of the squishier, timid alien species is marooned on a dangerous planet with their ship’s human. The escape pod has disintegrated ejecting various components over the landscape. The human is injured and unconscious through the ordeal. The alien survives by initially reciting the mantra of “What would Human Sal do?”. And then venturing out to retrieve bits of the craft to create a shelter, healing technologies, food, etc… Macgyvering all the way as they have seen their human do in

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Challenge #02913-G356: Poverty to Profit

As it turns out, some aspects of my life are so horrible that people think I'm making stuff up for shock value. -- Anon Guest

Human Daz always had one week of food on their person, and an atmospheric condenser that stowed two Sivu[1] of purified water. They had a very small molecular reassembler integrated with their livesuit that could only make one thing - Nutrifood Paste. It had one job and it did it very well. The livesuit was a

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Challenge #02658-G101: Doing All They Can

The escape pod came down hard. The small crew of havenworlders, and the one human, now on an unfamiliar planet. The planet, itself, was more or less safe enough except for one tiny thing. The same explosion that had crippled the ship, caused by odd electrical storms the planet periodically suffered sending lightning sprites into the air, also had caused flash-burns across the human's face, they couldn't see. The medic cleaned the injury and wrapped bandage around the human's face, but the

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Challenge #02513-F323: Sensible Steps

The two ships had collided as one had a severe navigational error and the other had been stolen by a youth who wanted to go out for a joyride. They crashed together on a planet that, for both of them, was just barely habitable. The surviving humans called out to the other ship and found it to be filled with Nox who were even younger than the human youths who were barely into their teens. Despite a rocky start, the two groups

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Challenge #02500-F310: Bear's Big Story

Human Ryan came highly recommended by other Galactic Alliance Scientists and Explorers who had worked with him. As a 'gun for hire' he had survived more than a few wars, notably against other humans and the Vorax Fleets (notes that also had me reaching for my calming medicine). On the flip-side he was highly protective of the lives put in his charge. Braving hostile Flora, Fauna and even the very planets themselves to keep his promise of "no one is left behind.

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Challenge #02214-F024: Ill Met in Sarkis Ten

Class 5 Deathworlders react to the information of human self-cannibalism in extreme situations. -- Anon Guest

Class one Deathworlders only have one elemental portion of their environment attempting to kill them. Class two get two of them. All the way up to level five, with the plants, the animals, the geology, the climate, and astronomy of their solar system repeatedly attempting to kill them. They get to be Deathworlders by surviving all of this and making it out to discover that there

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Challenge #02142-E313: Been There, Done That


Human: "I mean we are on Earth, my home, somewhere in Central Africa...I think."

Alien: "We are doomed"

Human: "No we're not. Don't worry, I'll teach you everything there is to know about surviving on a Deathworld, we'll be fine." -- Anon Guest

Human Yoss clambered up the wreckage of their vessel. The bad news was that they were in the middle of flakk-off nowhere with busted comms. The

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Challenge #01890-E066: One Firelit Evening in the Middle of Nowhere

“I am fire! I am death!” *Pokes [Person 2] with a stick -- TheDragonsFlame

"Dave... we get it. You made fire with some sticks and shit. That does not make you king of the mountain or even king of fire. This is a skill that cavemen could do, Dave. Cave. Men."

"None of you assholes could do it," said Dave. At least he'd stopped jabbing his 'fire stick' around while he was jubilantly dancing.

"Still fuckin' hurt, Dave," said Bob, rubbing his

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3 Ways to Keep Yourself Safe When You're Not Ready to Leave Your Abusive Partner

3 Ways to Keep Yourself Safe When You're Not Ready to Leave Your Abusive Partner






In addition to what's mentioned in this link, we have some info to help folks make a plan to stay safe when leaving an abusive relationship, and when they can't leave just yet: The Scarleteen Safety Plan

Seriously, I've only been able to skim this article so far, but I definitely plan on reading the whole thing later

If you're being abused

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