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Challenge #03007-H084: How to Fix a Broken World

Normally she was a very quiet young woman. She spent her time repairing antique spinning wheels, cleaning up antique wood-fire stoves and helping install them in friends' homes, teaching people how to make looms, weave cloth, and turn that cloth to clothing. When she got older and had kids of her own, she, and her spouse, taught them to garden, to hunt, to raise and harvest their animals and preserve food, how to cut and store wood, how to repair and use the antiques, and live a quiet life. But then trouble came, their world rocked to the core. Yet in this quaint, out-of-the-way place, there were a few homes that did not seem to notice the modern world had slipped away, as they sat quietly at their spinning wheels, until people from the cities came looking, for food, for supplies, for a new life. -- Fighting Fit

[AN: There are peoples who choose to live without sufficiently advanced technology. The Amish are the best known, but I'm certain there are others]

They had lived that way for a hundred years. They might yet live that way for a hundred more. When business broke the world, they didn't even notice. Sure, there was some distant gunfire from over the horizon, but this was a nation in love with firearms. There was distant gunfire every day. Eve didn't really notice until long after it stopped.

Adam made note of it on the day. "Must be a gun-free holiday," he said, and they laughed. They got on with their stews and preserves for the evening and thought nothing more of it that night. Except... the next day was silent too. The entire week was silent. Then the week after it. That was when it occurred to them that something might be wrong in the absence.

No sirens. No gunfire. No distant choppers thudding echoes in the canyon. No poinpoint jets roaring across the sky. Neither of them had had much time for civilisation, but they did have some concerns. Something, they reasoned, had to have gone wrong. They were just about to load up the cart and harness old Hoss when the first desperate soul arrived.

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Challenge #02309-F119: ...Now You Do

Once all of the children had a comfort item, it was time to pass those that remained to agitated adults. -- Anon Guest

Where there are disasters, there are the aftermaths. Wreckage and ruin are there, for certain, but the heart of it is always with the people. Sheltered in temporary structures. Huddled under blankets or hiding from the world. The bleeding and needing, the vacant-eyed ones who are broken on the inside... and the children.

There are so many pairs of

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What do I do to myself?

Roughly 12:30 AM, this morning. I wake up to the sensation of Beloved getting up in the literal middle of the night to go do something. I even heard the bedroom door open and close.

So after half an hour of trying to get back to sleep, I send Beloved a "WTF" text and really work at trying to slumber. In another half hour I roll over to discover Beloved by my side as if they had always been there. Sound

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Home again, home again, and boy, are we grateful. It takes a time to get away from it all to appreciate what you have.

But of course, it wouldn't be a family holiday without a family disaster. Chaos got the run-abouts while waiting in the Adelaide airport, tripped over Mayhem, and bumped a front tooth. Grandma insists that Chaos has broken her tooth and it's going to end in disaster. And won't shut up about the dental disaster that she calls key

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There goes the other shoe...

Drama Llama stopped by and handed me a little quote-unquote “gift”. Dramatically, of course.

The friend who verified my identity forgot to initial a correction on the form she filled out, verifying my identity.

I now have to wait for the weekend, attend a baby shower, and hand over a vital document so it can be initialled in the correct place and sent back to me.

Which now also means I have to gather up a First Mum’s

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