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Challenge #03945-J293: Caught in the Flames

They were not cleared for caring, technically they shouldn't be doing this. They were Pax Humanis after all. Don't give a damn, they held the child firmly but gently and ran as fast as they could to get to med station, and to escape the forest fire. -- Lessons

Some laws of the universe are incontrovertible. Don't eat anything that smells nasty. Don't drink anything that smells foul. Never leave a crying child in a place of peril.

Even when you're one of the most dangerous members of Pax Humanis.

One of the other incontrovertible rules is Never let a murderer near a baby, but these were clearly extenuating circumstances. Slash would pay for it later. Incarcerated safely away from society, with every kind of remedial lesson on what should have been done in the circumstances.

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Challenge #03866-J214: A Decent Start

"I admire you, you're never afraid of anything, you're so strong. I'm weak, a coward."

"Who said I'm not afraid?"

"But... you always manage to get through these things no matter how bad things get."

"Kid, here's the thing. I'm often afraid while I do this job. But the trick is to control your fear, take a deep breath, and keep going. It's ok to be afraid, just.. don't let it stop you. Fear can be your friend making you remember to

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Challenge #03826-J174: One Good Deed

My people can tell quakes before they occur. I managed to warn people, everyone got out of the building, but the last two, one a woman with white fur, and one a human wearing red, yellow, and black braces I had to physically shove out of the door just as the shaking began and the ceiling collapsed. I'm trapped here in the rubble, I can't feel my legs, but I saved those people, so, no matter what happens to me, I'm glad

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Challenge #03800-J147: Wanted Dearly Elsewhere

They went from village to village gathering children no one wanted. No matter what the species were. Where they went after? To a special village just for them, where they grew up knowing nothing but love and kindness. -- Anon Guest

Everyone knows that Dragons have hoards. What's not as well known is the fact that some hoards are... non-standard.

Tambaga the Gleaming gathered hir hoards in the night, when people were prone to getting rid of them. Some were left in

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Challenge #03667-J014: Earned Retirement

Once survivors are rescued, a shuttle with a very talented pilot hovers low enough to retrieve the loved ones that are lost. -- Fighting Fit

Some Humans give everything for their assigned crew. It's their pack-bonding. They can't not save others despite the risk to their own lives. Human Dyoth judged their life worth the sacrifice.

Their "Fuzzies" didn't agree with them.

Dyoth had attempted to make a safe descent and passed out in the

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Challenge #03648-I360: All Lifeforms Secure

They're rescuing felines and cleaners from a defunct station that was being decommissioned due to its age and how much damage it suffered. Unfortunately, sadly, some of the animals were very skittish, so they had to use live-traps to make sure they were all gently caught and brought to safety. -- Anon Guest

The good news was that Cleaners would follow any old trail of garbage, so they were quickly lured into safe containment. The other good news was that Skitties were

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Challenge #03640-I352: A Needed Break

A runaway from a brothel hides trying to use the cloak Wraithvine had set aside during meditation. A very rude individual then grabs the floating wizard to demand where their "property" is and demand "it be returned". -- Anon Guest

It's very rude to shake an Elf out of their meditations. Most Elves find ways to retaliate that range from subtle and disturbing illusions to disfiguring or near-lethal touch attacks. Most people knew this.

This fellow didn't seem to care.

"You have

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Challenge #03492-I204: Covert Patriotism

The CRC keeps trying to reward them for going around rescuing Dereggers and going from station to station to help clean and repair things and getting the stations back on track. They only accept enough to keep their ship in good repair and have supplies. The rest? Well, there are now a couple of charities set up to help those in need. -- Fighting Fit

Picture in your mind a general transit made for just about any work within civilised space. The

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Challenge #03378-I090: Surprise!

A homeless, sick, human, one of the last few survivors from a Deregger world. One that was now a grave world, having torn itself apart in a civil war after the uprising against the brutal CEO and their polity had driven the population into desperation. They smuggled themselves onto the last cargo pod that made it to a small way-station and soon collapsed to fall asleep in a small green park. -- Anon Guest

The woods were silent, dark and deep. Britta

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Challenge #03341-I053: Not So Much Bullrush

Grow big my beloved plant

this is my beloved plant very very good looking

what do ya think?? -- Anon Guest

Always answer a distress beacon, for the distress in question may one day be yours. -- The first law of space travel.

Trucker Xue knew they would be docked pay for diverting to pick up the life pod, but flakk the shipping corp that did that. The CRC would reimburse them soon enough. Mercy had its rewards in the deep dark.

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Challenge #03220-H311: Pieces of a New Life

"You've been up for nearly 72 hours, again! Are you finally going to tell me what's going on?"

"Sorry, I'll get some sleep soon, I promise."

"Isn't your insomnia medicine helping?"

"I've not been taking it."

"Why not?"

Hesitation... a deep breath... slowly they turn around and present a beautifully carved statue of stone with small gemstones inlaid and the etchings reading "To my first true friend."

"Because I wanted to celebrate the anniversary of the day you took me from that

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Challenge #03165-H256: But Did They Though?

In their world, they were shown, from the time they were very small, movies where aliens of all sizes and shapes were killers. Taking children and eating them, powerful, cunning, and deadly. Their world, gone now due to a planet-killing radiation storm thanks to an unstable sun, never prepared them, and all the others, from child to adult, for being around actual aliens. The therapist teams had a lot of work ahead of them. -- Anon Guest

There were halls upon halls

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Challenge #03081-H173: Assisted Retirement

She was middle aged, approaching her 50's, her lower back hurt so bad she could barely move. Working in those damn factories for so long, ever since she was orphaned when the last big fire that swept through the city killed hers and so many others' families, had broken her. Then they came. It was late in the night, she'd gathered a huge amount of old, scrap, cloth stolen out of dumpsters and did her best to make it comfortable for her

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Challenge #02805-G248: A Need of Dragons

They arrived from many places around the world, and yet, they all seemed to know how to get to the village. Those from other nations found funds and tickets to planes waiting for them, as well as all information they needed to get to that place. The ones already in that continent traveling on foot, by surprisingly convenient rides, by rail, etc., all the same, to find themselves on a wide, easily traversed, path into the forests. The strange thing is, the

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Challenge #02791-G234: The Weather Outside...

"FLAKK IT ALL TO HELL!!" Human Bear roared as he punched his way out of the ice and snow of the Avalanche that had just swallowed him. "IS THAT ALL YOU GOT!?" He raged at the mountain.

"Human Bear!" Vren cried. "We have 3 that are still trapped in the ice!"

Bear's rage instantly turned to terror. He had to find the lost ones before there Livesuits failed to to their jobs... -- Anon Guest

[AN: Bear's other stories are here and

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