Challenge #04197-K179: Caveat Emptor Abundant

The ship was up for sale, cheap. I went aboard and was rather shocked it had a gravy drive, though it looked old. I spoke to a close friend of mine who is Nae'hyn to help restore it. It actually had been given a voice! Sorta. Either way, it didn't take long before we became best friends. At least my travels won't be lonely anymore. -- The New Guy

This was a rare find in more ways than one. I know. The usual caution is caveat emptor when getting cheap deals in the Edge Territories. The only warning I got on the sale was, and I quote, "The previous owner said the ship hated him. It's haunted or something."

It was cheap and salvage is a lucrative business. Flipping ships can be a worthy pursuit when it's done right.

In this case... it was a rescue mission. I don't know what happened to its former family, but the Gravy Drive was alone and... howling. Poor thing.

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