There goes the other shoe...

Drama Llama stopped by and handed me a little quote-unquote “gift”. Dramatically, of course.

The friend who verified my identity forgot to initial a correction on the form she filled out, verifying my identity.

I now have to wait for the weekend, attend a baby shower, and hand over a vital document so it can be initialled in the correct place and sent back to me.

Which now also means I have to gather up a First Mum’s Survival Pack.

Said survival pack includes: 1 set of terry towelling nappies, 1 travel pack of baby wipes, 1 cotton sarong, 1 biggish tube of the pawpaw rash cream that works like magic and one entertaining /educational toy for the spawn. I may throw in some onesies and mittens.

The original included an instruction booklet, but that document is on a drive I can’t currently access. Yay.

The cotton sarong is extremely useful. If Mum is breastfeeding, then it gives Mum and Bub adequate privacy. It also serves as sun shade, blankie, emergency wrap and - if you’ve run out of terry nappies, a mess mop. I get cotton because it washes like a dream, and I get a sarong because some people have very funny ideas if you ask for a scarf.

Some people have very funny ideas about what makes a sarong, too, but you’re less likely to trip over such a weirdo.

The good news is I have a good idea on where to get all this crap. The bad news is it might cost a small fortune.

Most, if not all of that stuff, will remain useful until potty-training. Trust me. They are the items I found most useful when mine were tiny.