Baby shower’s been cancelled, because the baby in question’s been born.

The Mum will still need my unpatented first Mum’s survival kit, so we’ll have to arrange to visit sometime RSN.

With, or without the frikkin’ sarong.

So now Mum-in-law has to rattle up here to get the paperwork to get it back to the friend so she can initial it and get it back to me so I can submit it and finally get my passport.


And, to make things interesting, I’m getting started on the things I need to pack for a trip. I now have an adapter so I can charge my devices and stay in contact with the world.

And I’ve got to remember to be slightly devious and pack some of my stuff inside a smaller suitcase inside a bigger one. That way, I have enough room for the trip home and all my purchases/souvenirs.

And take some art supplies. Definitely.