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Challenge #04146-K128: Feels Familiar

The animals on this planet were immensely cute, but surprisingly aggressive even if they were mostly harmless to even a level 1 or 2 havenworlder, and almost completely harmless to most deathworlders. The colonists carefully guarded this place against dereggers who decided these fierce little feisties would be the new "must-have pet". And they were not subtle about their protection of this world against such behaviors. -- Anon Guest

They were eventually named Fizzgigs after a fantastic creature from Pre-Shattering Terran media. Advertised as "forty pounds of hostility in a three-ounce bag". They were fluffy, and adorable, and eternally pissed-off at the larger portion of the universe.

They were happily fructivorous and eventually tameable. Even their kits were little savages. So of course the Humans had to have them.

There was a rather intense breeding program to make sure the biota of Elysi'ish remained undisturbed. The ones released to the Alliance were bred pets. In the middle of attempted domestication. It was still touch and go regarding whether those efforts had made any progress.

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Challenge #04091-K073: Problems in the Testing Phase

Companion Ty, and eventually the entire crew, become very attached to the human's massive canines. The animals don't mind letting the light havenworlders ride them, they're very gentle, and the fur's warm and fantastic for laying against when troubled or exhausted. -- Anon Guest

They really were big softies. Emphasis on the 'big' part. With the help of some weeks' worth of training and a significant amount of bacon bits, the Havenworlder crew could ride Bear

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Challenge #04082-K064: Everything You Wanted to Know

Fripp begins to sell Christmas Beetles as "Mostly Havernworlder Safe Pets" with a little help from the N'Ozzies who are MORE than happy at seeing these rather stupid, but beautifully colorful, harmless beetles.

As far as the somewhat noxious plants needed for the insects environments? Genetic engineering ensured the plants no longer produced strong fumes yet the beetles could, and did, eat them, and that the plants couldn't spread, they had to be lab-grown. -- Anon

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Challenge #03926-J274: Domestic Drama

The human goes to their cat wearing the equivalent of chainmail and has a very tiny scissor in their hands. When their friend looks as them quizzically, they see the cat HATES getting its claws trimmed. But, necessary evils, unfortunately. -- Anon Guest

The Humans are full of weird sayings. A favourite of Human Bruk was, "It's better to be prepared than be embarrassed." And that made the rest of the crew on the Halcyon Curiosity wonder why their Human kept the

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Challenge #03922-J270: Sole Area of Genius

"How often do we have to go through this? I love you, you silly furball, but do NOT try sniff at my cactus! I don't HAVE any shelves higher and I'm tired of pulling thorns from your nose!" -- Anon Guest

Some cats, every cat person knows, reserve their brain cells for specific purposes. When it comes to that specific area of expertise, they're absolute little fluffy geniuses. For everything else... their brains may well be made of sawdust.

Case in point,

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Challenge #03917-J265: Five Ends of Them Are Pointy

Wutu's transport was attacked. Deceptive, Dessie, now well grown, was laying near its owner purring. But the pirates learned quickly, that the cat had learned to guard its owner against hostiles, and be gentle toward friendlies. They'd live, but would definitely need quite a lot of medical care. -- Anon Guest

Of all the incontrovertible laws that governed the universe, there was one that Humans insisted be upheld. Once a cat is on your lap, you

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Challenge #03652-I364: Cat Bath

It's not a good idea to bathe a cat unless absolutely necessary. And even then, with an abundance of caution. -- Fighting Fit

Some say that cats are very clean animals since they wash themselves. Some argue that they are not, in fact, clean at all - but rather covered in cat spit.

Many of those people have never reckoned with being owned by a bobtailed cat[1].

Jermaine found this out in the process of taking a bath. Just a nice

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Challenge #03585-I296: Rescued Twice

Do you know what it's like running a pet grooming service on a station where people can have pets from all over the universe? It's not easy, but it's very rewarding. -- DaniAndShali

[AN: Given the general similarities between cogniscent species from one area and pets in another, all grooming and beauty services tend to mesh together. Same with medical practices.]

The small creature was shivering in its carrier. The concerned Human opened it to let the creature out onto the prepared

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Challenge #03499-I211: She Demands Her Tribute

They're trying to get work done, they're at their desk, there is a pile of paperwork, but the local cats are being absolute cuddle-bums today! -- Anon Guest

[AN: With reference to Meet Lilbit]

Two kind hands are not enough for one cat. There were times and civilisations when cats were worshipped like gods. Neither cats nor Wraithvine had forgotten this. The kitten was just a little bit of fur with claws and teeth attached, thus earning the name Lilbit.

This became

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Challenge #03463-I175: Adventures in Pet-sitting

A human with a new puppy is often quite tired lately. Their friends had seen them play with the animal a lot, so they understood, but wow, the happy, hyperactive, puppy had more endurance than the human! -- Anon Guest

Doug was a puppy. A neotenous canid, true. He was also a squiggly, wiggly, squirming, wagging ball of excitement with the unstoppable inclination to lick the entire universe. Human Thu had been playing with the creature for most of their day off.

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Challenge #03416-I128: Walking Carpets

A human who hires out as a protector has two large, beautiful, Newfoundland dogs. They gets some very interesting looks both on ships and on stations. -- Fighting Fit

The Human entered the ship with two bears. Not teddy bears, actual ursine life forms. The fact that they were padding amenably at Human Hip's heels did nothing to reassure the crew of the Indigo Shamrock. Companion Ty almost scurried onto a high shelf from the terror.

"How is having Ursid pet?" she

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Challenge #03396-I108: Are You Sure They're Deathworlders?

A human brings their two beloved pets, a pair of gentle capybaras, aboard station with them. And their antics are just too adorable! -- Anon Guest

[AN: I have only witnessed capybaras being chill and hanging out like they have no flakks to give]

They were on leashes, so they had to be pets. Everything else was a matter of debate, especially among the Designated Companions who were watching them board. There was Human Gene and the two... creatures placidly following in

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Challenge #03281-BONUS007: Editing the First Draft

The creation of the Mycojelly Dogs is patented and sold as a therapy / safety device for Bad Luckers, and to people of Pax Humanis working on controlling episodes of explosive temper. Each "animal" carefully created and programmed for each person's special needs. And the Time is just rolling in by the centuries! -- Anon Guest

TM&TT was a corporation almost fully funded by the CRC. There was a life cycle with the circulating funds,

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Challenge #03192-H283: A Bad Lucker's Best Friend

How do Deregulations keep popping up? Even in times when most galactic Cogniscients know that they are a generally bad idea.

The founding reason for this actually comes from Alliance law, what Terran lawyers call "quae non inhabitabantur planeta indici" or, for those that don't speak legalese, an uninhabited planet belongs to the discoverer.

In this instance though, it suited Phy just fine, an unclaimed planet in a quiet corner of space. Somewhere that ze and hir Biogen pet Porgy could live

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Challenge #03131-H222: Artisinal Friend

They sat alone, quietly eating their meal. Their shoulders were slumped, their head was down, they had the forlorn look of a lonely, bereft, individual who'd completely given up on life itself. When a kind cogniscent tried to sit with them, they softly mumbled something apologetic and, quietly, obviously reluctantly, moved away to an even more distant, emptier, corner. The person went back to their friends, their eyes sad, filled with compassion.

"What did they say?"

"They said bad-luckers who cause their

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