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Challenge #02318-F128: We Don't Eat That

In the Time of Spring, Easter Grass is often sold for little Money.

It's nearly completely without Problems. All it requires are Water and Light + Heat

(i even Recall someone saying, that it would also grow in zero G, If provided with the above).

Ideal for the Use as easy to eat Food supply for Herbivore Aliens and their tiny children...

Another Product from Earth with high success. :-) -- Anon Guest

[AN: I looked this up and even a minimum amount of research shows that this is not one specific species of grass. It can be anything from wheat to breeds of quick-growing grass to barley and anything that looks cool when it's about five inches high. Therefore, I'm inventing a specific species of millet]

They called it - eventually, Erasgrain. It grew copiously, it grew well, and it could grow in a sponge watered with pre-distilled, filtered water from the hydrous recycling systems. Spacefarers loved it, especially the herbivorous ones. Allowed to grow unchecked, it would yield thick carpets of greenery up to a foot and a half tall. The seeds it yielded were small, light, and could easily be vacuum-packed and kept in stasis for up to hundreds of years. Not that any were ever kept that long.

The seed was not always digestible by the cogniscents who grew it. Some could only digest the young, fragile sprouts. Others had no problem at all with the lengthy stems. A rare few discovered the nourishment potential of a porridge made out of the seeds. Recipes are exchanged. Secrets given to others like handy hints to the random travellers they encounter.

Full-grown Erasgrain contains copious amounts of silicon. If your digestion cannot handle this substance, we recommend that you steam, boil, or otherwise heat the stems and leaves until they are soft. This breaks the re-enforcing silicon down to the point where even the softest digestive systems will receive no harm for them. Similarly, processing the stems with whirling blade machines can cut the silicon to a smallness that cannot bother a delicate digestion. -- The Spacer's Guide to Ship-grown Fare.

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Challenge #02272-F082: Celebratory Explosions

A Havenworlder Group goes despite warnings and with offensive-warnings to Earth.

On New Year.

Yeah.... -- Anon Guest

Visit Terra! Invigorate your genome! the poster said. As a sales pitch, some would ponder its efficaciousness. However, the idea that exposure to hazardous situations could bolster a species genes through epigenetic influence was not only provable, but scientifically endorsed. In brief, the target audience were Havenworlders, and the pitch was super effective.

Havenworlders were warned, of course. Areas of Terra could easily reach

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Challenge #02269-F079: Not Really That Deadly

Australia is a deathcountry. No talking back on that.

  • Giant Toads

  • poisonus Everything

  • f*ckt up climate everywhere

  • Birds, who defeated the Government (not even smart ones at that)

  • their Naming (Fairybread, Maccas,...)

Aliens learn of that from a human and an Aussie. (Will Australia receive an honorable Title of Deathcountry stage 5 or 5.5? You decide!) -- Anon Guest

Deathworld classifications work on how many factors can be seen as "being out to get" cogniscents who live there. These factors

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Challenge #02139-E310: Cute, Fluffy, Deadly

The survey leader folded hir forelimbs and radiated annoyance. "It is small, furry, and completely unarmed. The worst it can do is a scratch." Insectoid faces don't easily show annoyance, but this one made a determined effort. "What are you afraid of, getting an owie on your boo-boo?" -- Anon Guest

First rule of Deathworlder animals - there is no such thing as harmless.

First Invader G'thaz was among the first to discover that to hir detriment. The creature known to the

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Challenge #02126-E297: Uncommon Ground

"You're 'Clancy of the' where was it again?"

"The Overflow."

"You're a laundryman?" -- Anon Guest

Human Daz spared a dubious glance towards Rilthi Baz and wondered, not for the first time, if she was being very gently wound up. "Uhm," she said. "What?"

Clancy just sighed. "Yeah... an 'overflow' is an area where the flood waters tend to overflow. When the river floods, that's where the excess water goes. Good for grasslands and grazing."

"Also rice," added Human Daz. "I'm guessing

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Challenge #01811-D350: Special Classification

Aliens vs Parrots who imitate sounds (such as water coolers or alarms) -- TheDragonsFlame

Human Steev had a pet, which was also Stiiv. It was a bird. A Terran parrot known as an African Grey for reasons that were clearly obvious. And, like most parrots, it was the devil incarnate.

Terran Parrots are officially classed as weapons of mass destruction for reasons that quickly become obvious the more time one actually spends in the presence of one. They gnaw at anything within

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Challenge #01359-C264: Oi Oi Oi

Humans and various aliens discover a new planet at the same time. One one side, the aliens are being blindsided by weather, earthquakes, volcanoes etc. On the other side the humans are having snowball fights, counting lightning strikes, geyser watching and bathing in the geothermal pools.

Details: -- Anon Guest

The crew of the Curious George had assigned the human to hauling the water cart. So far, the human had advised portable solar shelters in

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