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Challenge #02296-F106: Some Improvements

You are a therapist who insists that all are welcome. This is why you now know the identities of both heroes and villains. -- Anon Guest

Y'know, for a therapist, I'm... kind of unobservant. I mean, sure, I know I can't help everyone, but I listen well and I try my best, so it kind of works out. That, and I take doctor-patient confidentiality very seriously. I'm one of the few people who knows who Captain Magnificent is when he's not in that ridiculously sculpted suit.

I... also happen to know who Master Malevolent is. Sometimes, they're even booked for the same day. They pass each other by in the waiting room and barely say 'boo' to each other. So mild mannered, so cool that butter wouldn't melt in their mouths. But that's not what this is about.

What I've noticed are... safety zones. Master Malevolent doesn't hit businesses or city features where I'm likely to do business, carry out my routines, or otherwise live my life. Similarly, Captain Magnificent steers his Super Battles away from the same zone. People noticed before I did. What I noticed where the huge numbers of people sub-letting, and the sudden rise of Megarise complexes where business and residences merged.

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Challenge #02168-E339: True Reform

The prisoners were prepared for torture, not a hug and kind words. -- Anon Guest

They shuffled into the institution in chains. Ugly jumpsuits standing out against the grey of the bus and the grey of the tarmac The featureless quad stretched before them as heavily-armed guards marched them in twos towards the opposing doors in the large,imposing facade before them. It, too, was grey, and had no windows.

Other guards, dressed in blue and grey, came out of those doors

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Challenge #01526-D065: Goods and Services

Oh fuck that noise, screw that sound, hump that harmonic, bang that bass, fornicate with that frequency and fuck me! -- RecklessPrudence

In all of Galactic Society, the most alarming feature to most human societies is the simple fact that sex work and mental therapy have homogenised into a harmonious whole. Humans have had an interesting relationship with the mechanics of their own reproduction and, despite some centuries af adjustment, are still hung up about it.

Case in point, most of the

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