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Challenge #03949-J297: Odd Tools

The Duke It Out program is installed on any ship, or station, VR that has Pax Humanis members on it. The rooms always are well padded with self-repairing material and the VR is battle-tested equipment, just in case.

It's helped them quite a bit to vent frustrations. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Duke It Out is 100% virtuality. The body is kept mostly still during the experience. BUT perhaps some folk can wriggle around more than the usual sort.]

When all was said and done, the virtuality program named Duke It Out was both an interesting therapy tool and a very curious diagnostic. Within the program, the 'player' could create and then beat literally anything to pieces without physical harm to anything real.

Most humans emerged blinking into reality with an air of relief and much better attitude to life in general. As well as their attitude towards their place, specifically. Those who might need further assessments emerged with an air of satisfaction and an eagerness to return. Further, those who chose to reload a specific cogniscent surrogate would have to undergo a more intense psychological evaluation for membership into Pax Humanis.

The last sure sign was how much the prospective member could move under the influence of virtuality's safeguards.

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Challenge #03654-J001: Walking With Buddy, Beta Test

A hospital uses a VR system to help patients who are in physical therapy, and refuse to let themselves be given strong painkillers, deal with the pain and focus on their exercises. The gentle landscapes and virtual worlds make it more fun, too. -- Fighting Fit

Gaming and medical therapy have been hand-in-rubber glove for quite some time. People need less painkillers when their minds are fighting the evil forces of Xur. Or, for that matter, mining for resources in a world

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Challenge #03472-I184: Taken Away From it All

The human is a Virtual Reality addict. Why? Because real life had become just too painful to face anymore. -- Anon Guest

It was the one thing she wanted to hurry for. After a tedious day of thankless, repetitious, endless toil, Mayra could take her day's wages, buy the cheapest meal she could get, and spend the rest of her resting hours in a Booth.

Like most of the Booths in Centua City, the actual facilities were filthy, falling apart, and had

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Challenge #01703-D242: Choose Your Face

Having avatars be cool things can lead to odd circumstances:

Our best diplomat is a KHORNE BERSERKER! Our sane and reasonable authority figure is a SITH LORD! And our moral compass is PSYCHO MANTIS! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!

(Person saying this has a Dalek avatar...)

(Now imagine this, not on a normal forum where the avatar is a small image, but in an immersive virtual environment) -- RecklessPrudence

People get the wrong impression about Greater Deregulation South-Southwest. First,

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