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Challenge #03472-I184: Taken Away From it All

The human is a Virtual Reality addict. Why? Because real life had become just too painful to face anymore. -- Anon Guest

It was the one thing she wanted to hurry for. After a tedious day of thankless, repetitious, endless toil, Mayra could take her day's wages, buy the cheapest meal she could get, and spend the rest of her resting hours in a Booth.

Like most of the Booths in Centua City, the actual facilities were filthy, falling apart, and had no security. Any idiot with a screwdriver could break into an occupied Booth and do what they wanted to anyone inside. The authorities blamed the addicts like her, but the Booths still ran and took people away from their troubles.

Troubles like birthing bills and having a fifth infant taken from her "for its own good." Not that she wanted the burden of being a single mother. It was just that she was given no choice at all.

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Challenge #02313-F123: Paradise Cracked

Our Utopia is the Dystopia of the Future.

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cDeMzg31T2I -- Anon Guest

There is no such thing as a perfect world. We try to imagine them, but our present shapes the future we envision. The writer of the first such utopian fiction couldn't imagine a perfect world without slavery. Others in later eras and other cultures could only imagine rugged individualism as saving the day, instead of steadily ruining the country.

Some didn't get much further

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Challenge #01718-D257: Where Angels Fear

[Name] is a professional adventurer/planet saver with extremely acute hearing. The other speaker is their much calmer and more logical, though not necessarily smarter, best friend)

[Name] buried the pillow over their head and groaned.

“I can’t tell if those are gunshots or fireworks,” they whined.

“Do not be silly, [Name]. Fireworks are illegal on this planet.” -- RecklessPrudence

There's a reason why Iman Goodboy spends most of her time in her livesuit. She could control how much of the

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Challenge #01473-D012: Life is But a Dream

Imagine waking up from a coma, in a hospital where you were no longer called a patient, but the term 'consumer' was used. That the care you received was based on the cost of doing business, not your outcome as a patient. That the normal systems and avenues to access resources had all changed massively, and when you ask how long you were in a coma, you find out that the coma didn't exist. That your family was changed, that the people

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Challenge #01472-D011: Lawful Suspicion

“I wanna leave without a trace cause I don’t wanna die in this place.” -- Song-Lyric-Prompts

The Night Guard who had found her outside, one second after curfew, nodded in understanding. For an instant, their eyes were human, before they remembered to be cold and cruel once more. "We have a duty to the citizens of Nova York, miss. Including the citizens who are breaking the law. Now we find it suspicious that you were cleaning up after yourself as you

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