Challenge #03559-I270: Unriddle Me This

They sat in the hall berating themselves with recriminations, head bowed, sometimes swearing at themselves. They did this, unfortunately, way too many times, given their poor self-esteem. The therapist, hearing of them, sits next to them to listen, and try to help. -- Anon Guest

Everyone had done what they could. That was clear to those mopping up the mess. Nevertheless, there were those determined to blame themselves.

Human Yeong had been ordered to sit still. This was evidently a difficult task for hir. Ze wanted to help, and ze could not, because ze was also walking wounded and therefore part of the triage. In desperation, one of the overworked nurses had given Yeong a fine motor control test to work on.

This seemed to stress hir out even worse. It was a simple enough test. Manipulate a ball bearing along a series of ramps, but Yeong was treating it like life and death.

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