Convergent Evolution

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Challenge #03781-J128: Crickey, What a Beauty

A planet is found to be a near duplicate of the nation on Earth known as Australia. Its indigenous plants and wildlife are nearly duplicate of that nation, except here, animals that humans drove into extinction still live. Convergent evolution at its finest. The N'Ozzies LOVE it! -- Anon Guest

If there were any further proof needed that Humans are "space orcs" as they put it, they usually look no further than N'Oz. A planet terraformed to be a copy of the hazardous island-continent. There was, however, extra proof beyond that.

An entire planet that was like that without outside interference. Including the ancient Australian megafauna.

Science was instantly fascinated. Immediately sending exploratory drones to see if someone hadn't been up to shenanigans at some point. No such evidence existed, the beasts there were the results of convergent evolution.

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Challenge #03415-I127: Convergent Evolution

The humans call us "foxes", close enough for them, since they have trouble pronouncing our proper name at the moment. We met these small, squishy, beings when we answered a distress call. Given our thick fur, our planet's pretty cold, and the pictures they showed us of their earth creature called the grey fox, we suppose, in their eyes, we do somewhat look like that. Still, at least these strangers are friendly. -- Anon Guest

Humans are great at misnomers. Just look

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Challenge #02007-E183: Confounding Convergence

'Don't be silly', snapped Mara, 'cows have 6 legs'. (Mara from Feists 'Empire' trilogy, goes with Kevin to Midkemia) -- Anon Guest

[AN: Another book series I will likely forget to find and read. Whoops. I'm still trying to get into GoT...]

Yan stopped cold and stared her fellow human. "We are talking about the same animal, right? Terran origin mammal, about yae tall," she gestured with her hand. "Goes 'moo'. Herbivorous. Four stomachs. Gives milk?"

"Uh. No. I have no idea

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