Challenge #03901-J249: Convergent Primate Studies

A ship of scientists, both human and galactics, came upon a level 4 deathworld, with some level 5 areas, that was suspiciously like prehistoric earth. What happily surprised the humans, and horrified the galactics, was that the primates were nearly an exact match to homosapiens! What would they be in a few hundred thousand years? -- Lessons

[AN: I'm taking them a little further back than H. Sapiens. There's some interesting evidence to suggest that hominid civilisation goes as far back as H. Habilis]

In an infinite universe, all things are possible. Given that, it was only a matter of time before unusual happenstances could repeat. Such as a level 4.5 Deathworld evolving primate-based hominids.

The Humans gathered with the observers of such things to take notes and compare with what they knew of their own development. Assumptions from centuries past were blown to smithereens with the first concealed observer drones.

"Hominids wore clothes! Look! And they're building shelters out of the local flora. Oooh! Oooh! They're caring for a tribesmember who has a broken leg."

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