Challenge #02994-H071: Survival's Edge

One of the squishier, timid alien species is marooned on a dangerous planet with their ship’s human. The escape pod has disintegrated ejecting various components over the landscape. The human is injured and unconscious through the ordeal. The alien survives by initially reciting the mantra of “What would Human Sal do?”. And then venturing out to retrieve bits of the craft to create a shelter, healing technologies, food, etc… Macgyvering all the way as they have seen their human do in the past. Even managing to unlock the mysteries of duct tape. All while fending off dangerous wildlife and even a near deathworlder sentient to save them both. In the end the mantra changes to the last lie “everything will be alright, you will be right behind me” when they realize they will have to leave their human behind to venture out of the makeshift camp to save them both. Later when they are both safe -- To save their own psyche they can only praise the human for saving them both and attributes their own actions to the human even so much as saying you were right, you were right behind me. The human of course having no memory of these events is totally baffled. And even though they can’t admit to their own actions a seed for adventure has been planted in their heart and is passed on to their offspring. -- Random Paine (Sorry if this was a bit long for a prompt. I love your work.)

[AN: There are long prompts that make sense, and then there's long prompts that boil down to "tell this story your way". Of the two, the latter give me less of the flexibility I like when making a story.]

Beeping. The sensation of a bigger pain lurking behind the ache Sal felt and a sensation of floating pink haze. The distinctive squish of antibacterial phage virus jelly. The whirr and squeeze of a blood pressure monitor. Blink. Medik cream surroundings. lights and graphs and a calming message on the screen directly above.

You are experiencing medical care. Please remain calm. That message faded out and another faded in. If you are claustrophobic, the panic button is in easy reach. It came with a diagram. Nice to know the Alliance medical profession had learned from a few surprise claustrophobes. Many spacers discovered to their shock that they weren't cut out to bide their time in an ICU drawer.

There was soft and calming music to accompany the soft and calming scenery playing on the overhead screens. It was comfortable, but Sal was not yet inclined to sink back down into dreamland. The last thing ze remembered was... putting all the safeguards around Myrdd. They'd been about to crash the lifepod and...

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