Pest Control

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Challenge #04207-K189: Little Discoveries, Large Impact

The apprentice mage welcomed only enough gold, and the charm, to allow them to travel to where Wraithvine asked them to come to set up their little shop. They only accepted enough coin to survive on, wanting little else. After all, this was meant to help others, not to be rich. Helping others made them happy. -- Anon Guest

Wraithvine was right. Aelinor would definitely have enough data for their experiments. The time it took for the charms to wear out with heavy use. The materials that worked the best. The tools that worked the best.

...and why Artificers always kept either an Elf or a Hellkin in their workshops. And the kinds of people who could be just as useful.

Those with magic in their blood and bones could push their innate magic into solid things. And in the swamp's workshop, in the stilt houses of Muddihollo, there were more than a few Wudzgaad and Trolls wandering about. Neither of whom were terribly keen on what Humans called 'civilisation'.

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Challenge #04112-K094: Data for the Experiments

They enter a swampy area where biting bugs are a real nuisance. The bridges keep people out of the waters, so people can stay dry, at least, but ergh, all the BUGS!! But this is a good test for the enchanted repellants, they were asked to test them after all. -- Anon Guest

It was fascinating to watch, and Wraithvine watched it intensely. Biting bugs and midges approached hir and hir party, and veered away once

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Challenge #02758-G201: Organic Pest Control

A shipment of fruits and plants that had gone through a DeRegger station was opened in a very large Alliance station. The plants were bound for a new section that had been added to the botanical garden there. Unfortunately, an unwanted guest came along with it. Within a month or so, that dreaded high-pitched sound that all humans from Earth knew all too well was starting to be heard. An invasive pest that bred rapidly anywhere there were pools for it to

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Compost Hint: Empty Your Mulch Bucket Often

Composting and mulching is a natural process involving organic waste. And as such, it is almost inevitable to attract… little visitors.

Insect visitors.

That lay eggs in your mulch bucket.

I don’t want to be too gross about things [hence the lack of instructional pictures] but I’ve been a little too busy, sore and tired to go empty the mulch bucket into the compost bin, these last few days.

That bit me in the butt.

Big time.

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