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Challenge #02758-G201: Organic Pest Control

A shipment of fruits and plants that had gone through a DeRegger station was opened in a very large Alliance station. The plants were bound for a new section that had been added to the botanical garden there. Unfortunately, an unwanted guest came along with it. Within a month or so, that dreaded high-pitched sound that all humans from Earth knew all too well was starting to be heard. An invasive pest that bred rapidly anywhere there were pools for it to breed in had arrived. Humans called them Mosquitoes. -- Anon Guest

The stamps said, Inspected and Passed Regulations so the inspection team thought they were safe. In retrospect, they should have checked the point of origin. After all, Greater Deregulation means almost exactly what it says[1]. If they had known then...

This was just one of the many disasters associated with Greater Deregulation and their misuse of clearance codifiers. The Alliance would eventually learn that nothing was going to make Greater Deregulation comply with Alliance standards, and therefore enact procedures to keep the larger populace safe from hazardous Deathworlder infestations.

Of course the living plants were sent with water and soil. Live cargo was, to this particular brand of technophobic Dereggers, the only way to be certain it arrived fresh. Of course said water and soil was the best that this particular polity had to offer. It had passed all their inspections. It did not meet Alliance standards, but the Alliance was still learning about that particular loophole before closing it thoroughly.

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Compost Hint: Empty Your Mulch Bucket Often

Composting and mulching is a natural process involving organic waste. And as such, it is almost inevitable to attract… little visitors.

Insect visitors.

That lay eggs in your mulch bucket.

I don’t want to be too gross about things [hence the lack of instructional pictures] but I’ve been a little too busy, sore and tired to go empty the mulch bucket into the compost bin, these last few days.

That bit me in the butt.

Big time.

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