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Challenge #03091-H183: Pause Button Broken

bkf48a day ago:

I'd love for wraithvine to meet this guy! :-)

internutter73a day ago:

They'd for sure bump into each other via other shenanigans.

WV: Whoa! That's one heck of a Destiny you've got there. What do you have up your sleeve.

A: Well I have this weird bell, these passive qualities, and I can [ABILITY] once a day.

WV: Cool. I can teach you how to be clever with that. -- DaniAndShali

[AN: Whoops I stole that thunder a bit early. So this has to be adjusted more than a smidge.]

Wraithvine set up a dummy in the middle of a rocky area most folks in Paxdale used as a source of ammunition[1]. Little could be harmed there. With a sending spell and safe distance from the Chosen One, Wraithvine the Eternal told Amatu, "All right, lad. That dummy is a bad evil nasty person. What's your favourite weapon?"

Typical of a farmer's boy, Amatu readied his sling and picked up a rock. Most people would laugh. Wraithvine watched with a critical eye. There was a distant cry of, "Stay away from my Mama," as the rock flew. Then the dummy... was a cloud of splinters.

Pondermoore summed it up with magnificent eloquence. "Whoops." She looked up, and caught the pumpkin head before it could cause an even bigger mess. "Pondermoore glad we good guys."

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Challenge #01599-D138: Manifested Destiny

But the [Tech] is on the fritz due to what I believe would be classified as 'bombardment by an angry god', which violates your warranty, as we all know. -- RecklessPrudence

The Smudger hemmed and hawed over the broom. Ran a pendulum over the length of it and whistled backwards, the sure sign that something expensive was about to happen. "Are you sure you haven't angered any gods?" they said.

"Not to my knowledge," said Duji. She had her knitting out because

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