Challenge #03970-J318: The Path Untrodden

I am not the future you, nor are you my past self anymore. More correctly, you are that forgotten starting point of mine, unfulfilled ideal of mine, the unchosen answer in many decisions. -- Anon Guest

If you could change anything about your past - would you? If given that chance, what would you change? The threads of time and fate can only tangle one way, it seems. But what if--?

The Faekindred of Nanogh play with time like most children play with dolls. They also play with mortals. One of whom is about to get a typical "Faerie Favour".

Call her... Mari. That's how the nursery tales will remember her centuries hence. Those stories also differ about what she did to earn it, and ultimately don't matter. The point is the tangles of change.

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