Challenge #04189-K171: To Fight Another Day

A special class was being held for those who are unwanted. Not just combat with hands and feet, but also exercising the tails, making them dexterous and nimble. For those with wings, using the wings like bludgeons in combat, using horns. Using weapons.. people never figured could actually be used as weapons. Expect the unexpected. -- Anon Guest

"I cannot teach you all the same," said the teacher. Battle-scarred and bent with age, they could nevertheless still hold their own in a fight. That was why their class had gathered here. "Look around. Some of you are small. Some are large. Some have something extra, and others have something missing. You can't fight the same way. What I can teach is how to use what you have."

The large, the small, the horned and be-tailed glanced around, already trying to work out how each of them would be fighting.

"First, and most important... defense. In a surprise fight, your goal is to get away. You protect yourself so that you get away. You hurt them to slow them down enough to get you away. Don't worry about making them angry. They're already angry that you exist and you're never going to change that. Understood?"

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