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Challenge #03792-J139: A Friend For Afterlife

They had a spirit following them since they were very little. Came in handy given how often they were bullied. The spirit despised bullies. -- Anon Guest

Dawson was born by the railroad tracks. From the instant he drew breath, he had Daisi by his side. This would not be anything remarkable but for one tiny detail. Daisi had been dead for twenty years.

She died on the very spot Dawson was born, in fact.

For the first few years, there was no other hint that she was there. Dawson learned to talk and Daisi was assumed to be an imaginary friend. Until Dawson started drawing pictures of violence being done to a little girl.

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Challenge #03557-I268: An Overdue Appreciation

Death is used to the living fearing them when they come to take the living to the next world. But this living being, as they lay waiting for Death's hand to take their pain away, holds out a simple silk flower, enchanted so Death may hold it close. This being's way of saying thank you. For in the end, Death is usually the kindest being of all. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I am using everything in my power to not steal Sir

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Challenge #03502-I214: Last Warning

“This breaks our immortality deal,” the being slammed the butt end of their staff on the ground, causing the palace to shake and the floor began to crack around him. Some poor souls were blown away from the room while the some of guards were barely able to hold their ground while the rest collapsed. Ten beings were all that were left standing wearing some very prestigious clothing. “Please forgive us, this may be an error in our side. We would not

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Challenge #03442-I154: By Invitation Only

"Move to the Tropics?! Are you suicidal?"

"No, I just found a way to be me..."

Inspired by this post. link text -- AmberFox

[AN: Coconut water makes an excellent blood plasma replacement (and sports drink) but not total blood replacement. If you want vegan vampires, you're going to have to add Vegan Haeme(tm) which is a thing that now exists because UnMeat does. I'm a writer, I research things for fun]

Little-known fact: Well-fed vampires have no problem with sunshine.

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Challenge #03350-I062: A Work In Progress

Hell is the last place anyone wants to be. I admit I've done a lot of horrible things in my life. In all honesty, I expected this. The Bible pretty much got it down. The Blazing fire, the screams of the damned, the smell of brimstone, and chocolate chip cookie? -- Anon Guest

My name is William, and I have devoted my life to chocolate. The flavours, the artistry, the wonders I could make with it. I may not have been one

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Challenge #03340-I052: It's the Little Things

[Posted a picture and no text] -- Anon Guest

[AN: Nonny doesn't know that I don't use pictures submitted to me. Text only, dearies]

Do you know of the Nisse? They're what you might call House Spirits. Some know them as Borrowers. Some say they are House Trolls. Some call them names that are not polite. Sometimes, they are helpful. Sometimes, they are malevolent. Most of the time, they are mischievous.

They all have the same name, which is convenient for them.

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Challenge #03321-I033: Proper Care and Handling

He changes into a werewolf after his beloved girlfriend has completely altered his containment chamber. No more chains. Before he can bite her, she starts stuffing food into his mouth. -- Anon Guest

"Y'all throwin' a party?" Of all the hazards they anticipated this day, neighbours had been the last on the list. "That's some good brisket you got there, but why no barbecue sauce?"

"Xylitol," said Gria and Thom together. Gria took over. "We're working

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Challenge #03136-H227: By the Gods

“He has to know. He'll never be whole without the truth. Look, I get it. You hate the gods. All gods. It’s no accident that includes yourself. And it includes your boy. Don’t you see that? He feels that! He can’t help what he is. He can’t begin to help it, because you haven’t even told him. It’s all connected man.” -- Anon Guest

Picture what it would be like for gods and deities to roam

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Challenge #02974-H051: Her Unfinished Business

memento mori

Search for the truth

Search for, and remember, the truth of your death -- Anon Guest

Fog hid most of the world and it was easy to get lost. She kept close to solid things. Walls, doors, furniture, large appliances, that sort of thing. The fog was in her brain, to. The larger things were even harder to find because of that.

Her name was... She was just... She was lost. That was big enough to deal with. The shadow

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Challenge #02959-H036: Gods or Heroes

I’ve heard legends of that person

How he traveled the breadth of the land

Reducing all he touched to rubble

Revered by many I, too, revere him

Feared by many I, too, fear him

Now that person stands at my side

Now my friends are with me -- Anon Guest

[AN: Nonny - are you trying to get me into trouble? These are lyrics (translated) from Super Smash Brothers Brawl. A line or two is fine but the entire song? Please

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Challenge #02944-H021: Maintain the Flow

Power doesn’t measure a man, nor doesn’t corrupt a man, power reveals. When someone achieved the power they’ve always wanted their true intentions are always revealed. -- Anon Guest

"Hold as much water as you can," instructed Da. "You can try to hold it tightly, but the more muscle you use to hang onto it, the less you have. As time goes by, it will drip away no matter what you do. So too is the power of a

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Challenge #02922-G365: Danger in Ignorance

It is the modern era. Faerie folk and other such beings are considered nothing but old stories. But, sometimes, stories are real. She was born with the gift to see the supernatural for who they were even if they hid amongst the normal modern world. She could understand their languages no matter how old or obscure it was. And read their words. From the most ancient to the most modern. And yet, as she grew older, she learned this was something handed

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Challenge #02890-G333: With Double-edged Blade

People call them the Judge. There are other nicknames for this being, of course. Justice. Equalizer. Balance. Redemption. All of these and more their names are through all eternity. A being who watches the world feeling no pain nor pleasure at what is seen. A being who feels no love, nor do they feel hate. They can feel respect, and honor. Kindness and compassion. But also can they feel disappointment and anger. Their job, from the time of their creation, was to

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Challenge #02857-G300: The Curse/Blessing of Brightherald

Her child, one of several otherwise unwanted waifs within the village that she'd adopted, brought him to Ma. An older woman who was scarred and, yet, quite strong. She never gave up hope. He was old, he was poor, and he spent a great deal of time hungry. She'd seen him begging before, but had never had a chance to speak to him. When he was lead to her by one of her children during the Sunshine Festival, she had the chance

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Challenge #02856-G299: Somewhere 'Neath Avalon Fair

I’ve been away for so long. But like the winds of the summer weather, I am back and I’m even better. Nothing can break up this bond. We’re in our prime, this is our time -- Anon Guest

Legendary heroes never die. It's true. They're always shunted off into some mystical realm to rise again in their country's greatest need. Legends fade from memory. Country names change. Yet the land and the hero remain bound by that promise.


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