Challenge #03502-I214: Last Warning

“This breaks our immortality deal,” the being slammed the butt end of their staff on the ground, causing the palace to shake and the floor began to crack around him. Some poor souls were blown away from the room while the some of guards were barely able to hold their ground while the rest collapsed. Ten beings were all that were left standing wearing some very prestigious clothing. “Please forgive us, this may be an error in our side. We would not try to stoop so low to break these sort of agreements. Please tell us you name so we can fix this as soon as possible.” The being shrank their staff to put it away. Their eyes burned red with the injustice that was placed upon them. “My name is SUN WUKONG” -- Anon Guest

[AN: Does rewriting the classics count as cultural appropriation? I do think so. Therefore, I am taking some inspiration from the original. Does this count as fanfic? I don't know!]

The minute that monkey strode into his realm once more, Lord Yanlo knew he was in for a beating. Things like that happened in the general aura of the Stone Monkey King when he was ticked. He might yet be saved by the paperwork.

The worrying fact was that this was the second time his over-eager minions had gone to collect his soul.

Under "Monkeys" of course, in the S section, someone had rudely scratched Sun Wukong. "This wasn't me," said Lord Yanlo desperately. "This isn't even my handwriting. Look." He showed the page. "Everyone knows I'm left-handed, and this was written by a right-handed spirit! Further, their brushwork is attrocious."

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