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Challenge #04062-K044: One for the Halls of Heroes

He had, reluctantly, killed many all to save a child's life. He saved many more in both penance for his crimes, and the desire to undo the darkness he caused. The gods weighed him in judgement, and, memories intact, he was allowed rebirth. Allowed to know a new path, where he could continue to help others before they, too, could fall into darker lives.

https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-03308-i020-repaid-in-full -- Anon Guest

In the Realm of Twilight Shadows, the kingdom of Death, the entity known as Mistress Dark rules all. The Reapers are her army and guides to the souls. Many come with gods to claim them, and are sent on to their relative judgements.

Few arrive to her full mercies. Fewer still have the aura of a hero emanating from their shade. Even fewer arrive like that with an attitude of deep shame.

The shade knelt, echoes if their living form still visible in their ephemeral form. "Goddess of all, who is feared of all, she who receives all the guests... I can only beg your mercy for my sins. I am ready for the sentence you will condemn me to."

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Challenge #03902-J250: Lest Ye Be Judged Also

Most people don't really fear death, though they claim to. What they fear MOST is any potential consequences they may face after they die. I'm a Judge. I just go by what their lives were and what they have the potential to become in the future. It's not the best job in the world, but someone has to do it. -- The New Guy

Of all the duties of the divine, the one feared by mortals the most is the judge. Not

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Challenge #03790-J137: Experience With the Subject

Are you ready to sanction the world, descendant of origin? Humanity isn’t the owner of the world. It shared by both organic and inorganic matters. As for synthetic life and seeds of idea, they’re no inferior to Homo sapiens. You have no right to make rash judgements full of arrogance and prejudice based on your own standards,

Even so… are you ready? -- Anon Guest

In judging, you are also judged. That is the deal. Those being judged, those who

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Challenge #02655-G098: A Choice

"When they day comes and you know you're not coming out of a fight... Make sure there is a long line for St. Peter before you get there." - Advice from my very pacifist Grandfather -- Anon Guest

[AN: Not that conversant with this particular corner of Xtian theology, OP. Apologies in advance for the mistakes made herein]

The last shall go first, and the first shall go last -- Human Theological Saying.

Faith is a strange thing. Belief is powerful, but

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