Challenge #02655-G098: A Choice

"When they day comes and you know you're not coming out of a fight... Make sure there is a long line for St. Peter before you get there." - Advice from my very pacifist Grandfather -- Anon Guest

[AN: Not that conversant with this particular corner of Xtian theology, OP. Apologies in advance for the mistakes made herein]

The last shall go first, and the first shall go last -- Human Theological Saying.

Faith is a strange thing. Belief is powerful, but people can believe things at varying degrees of harm to themselves and others. Belief that one can fly -if one's faith is strong enough- is only dangerous to oneself if put to the extreme test. Belief in the miasma theory is harmful to many if a plague strikes. It's all about context.

Belief in what happens to the soul after a life is ended is unproven, unprovable, and the undeniable definition of faith. Science remains true without belief. Faith is believing regardless of any proof. Somewhere in there, a truth exists.

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