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Challenge #04199-K181: Wish Upon Star

It is called the Temple of Dreams and Wishes. Yet here, the only Dreams and Wishes that are granted, are those meant to truly help others, for the gods of this temple have one irrevocable law. DO NO HARM. -- Lessons

There's a local god on the rise. Guardian of a small island chain off the coast from Vingate, word has it that they grant wishes and make dreams come true.

Word like that gets around. People come with hope. They come with aspirations. They come with goals in mind.

Then they learn the rules, and far too many of them are upset about them.

Over the gate to the temple grounds are five words writ large in all the common tongues: Above all, do no harm. Those who tend the temple are endlessly surprised by the number of people who object to that.

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Challenge #04138-K120: Truth to Power

"You say this is what you want, but is it really? Or is it what others tell you that you want? You say you need this, but is it what you really need? Or what others expect of you? Look into your heart, look into this mirror, for it will read your heart, and if your heart equals the desires you say you have, then I will help you with what you wish. If it does not? Then I will help you

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Challenge #03840-J188: Foundling Families

A dying human with a kind heart had been given a Wishing Stone. Clutched in the elderly hand, they made their wish. All children, especially infants, in their world abandoned in middens, abandoned in the forests, or otherwise left to die in would vanish from the place that would otherwise be their deathbeds, and reappear in a place there they could be safe and grow up cared for. That final wish, cost them their final breath, but they died peacefully knowing many

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Challenge #03830-J178: One Wish Away

What is this? It's a Wish-Mirror. It shows you the hard, cold, truth to what will happen if you make your wish. It does not sugar coat anything. If you can live with what you see, then I will grant you a wish. But remember, you saw the consequences for yourself, so it's not like you have not been forewarned. -- Anon Guest

If you have a wish, and want it guaranteed, there is only one way to get it. It is

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Challenge #03701-J048: As You Wish

An elderly individual comes up to Gikka, while Wraithvine is giving lessons to his apprentice wizard, and the elder holds out a necklace shaped like a dragon in flight that glows with immense power. What is this charm? It holds the power to grant one wish. Any wish the wearer wants to make. But it only works once, then all the magic in it will be gone. -- Anon Guest

A wish is a terrible burden. Anyone who has one knows this.

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