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Challenge #04199-K181: Wish Upon Star

It is called the Temple of Dreams and Wishes. Yet here, the only Dreams and Wishes that are granted, are those meant to truly help others, for the gods of this temple have one irrevocable law. DO NO HARM. -- Lessons

There's a local god on the rise. Guardian of a small island chain off the coast from Vingate, word has it that they grant wishes and make dreams come true.

Word like that gets around. People come with hope. They come with aspirations. They come with goals in mind.

Then they learn the rules, and far too many of them are upset about them.

Over the gate to the temple grounds are five words writ large in all the common tongues: Above all, do no harm. Those who tend the temple are endlessly surprised by the number of people who object to that.

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Challenge #03536-I248: Unearned Wants

It's easy to hate something, or someone, when you are lied to your entire life about that thing, or person, by someone who hates them, or is very jealous of them. So when this kid, barely into their teens, confronts Wraithvine with a head filled with the lies they were told their entire young life, well, what's a caring, fairly kind, wizard to do? -- Anon Guest

Even the organisations with the best of intentions have their dropouts. They try their best,

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Challenge #03462-I174: At the Grave of Ostentatious

CEO - "You MUST obey me! Now bring me food, bring me the crops, I'm HUNGRY!"

Former employees - "We're stuck on this world, too, buddy. We grew this food, we'll eat this food. You want to eat, you either start helping out, or you can eat the bland nutripaste crap the replicators make."

CEO - "So why in h--- don't you just KILL me, if you hate me so much??"

Former employees - "Because it's more fun hearing you whine, and

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