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Challenge #03455-I167: Look Upon My Works and Despair

A Deregger, not quite at "gunpoint" but close enough, has to make a deal to allow the Alliance to come in to help clean the mess up on their world before it becomes a grave-world. They're allowed to STAY in power, sorta, but with heavy supervision and lessons on ACTUALLY governing properly. -- Lessons

Picture if you will, a gilded, Faberge bunker. Its owner has heard of Roccoco and thought the style far too bland. If it isn't made of the precious or the rare, it is not in there. It is also state of the art, or the state of this planet's art. It has an indoor pool in the shape of a voluptuous woman. It has a golf course. It has room for millions.

It houses one.

The staff are relegated to service tunnels, they come and go via hidden hatches. They sleep on bare concrete and they eat... whatever they can find. Including the Big Boss' garbage. One of those staff is in trouble because of a Smell.

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Challenge #03431-I143: Leave Only Footprints

With hir new robot body, the militant, nearly fanatic vegan, considers going home to try to get everyone to pledge to be rid of their 'dirty' animal bodies and give up ever eating anything again. After all, isn't eating the same as killing, be it plant or animal? Hir therapists are starting to run out of ideas. -- Anon Guest

"You cannot go free, not yet," said the Phloran therapist. "You do not understand the wrongs

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Challenge #03369-I081: Consequences of the Forgotten

Can we have a story about Wraithvine having to teach this doofus to be a "mini me" of him as it were? That is, since he was begging to follow hir around and basically learn to be just like them?

It's from this one. -- Anon Guest

Nobody trailed after Wraithvine like a lost duckling. There were things to learn and the eternal Wizard knew everything. Including the simple fact that there is more to learn.

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Challenge #03347-I059: We Know This Looks Bad

He swears his blade to Wraithvine. For as long as he lives, and for generations to come in his family, they swear to be the bodyguards of the eternal elf, and those the elf bade them to protect. The wizard saved him and his entire family, now, his family swears, they will protect the wizard. -- FightingFit

After the bloodiest of bloody coups, a man of knives takes a knee once more. Offers his blade to

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Challenge #03334-I046: Satan's Cobblestone

A human kid sneaks into unlocked Havenworlder quarters and leaves little hand-made gifts behind, carefully folded pieces of origami neatly secured to the tops of colorful bookmarks. -- Anon Guest

[AN: This is dangerous for an assortment of reasons and I will be going into a lot of them here]

A serial invader had finally been caught in Passthrough Station. The shocking part was that they were aged seven. Therefore, the first thing out of Security's mouth was, "You're old enough to

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Challenge #03111-H203: Rewarding Consequences

It's been a few years since Mx. Edda had begun implementing new policies in order to win Healer Allie's favor and get the Healer to work with her in a more significant manner. Mx. Edda, though she found her profits lowered to start, is now shocked to find she has higher profits than ever before, as well as healthier, longer-lived, employees who actually greet her with smiles. -- Lessons

Change, especially the change Lucky Medik Allie

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Challenge #03108-H200: The Cratered Path of Progress

The only difference between “f* around and find out” and science is whether or not you write down your findings -- Anon Guest

Mishi checked his ears for blood. Okay. None there. That meant that there was an increased chance that the hearing loss was temporary. Next, he risked wiggling his fingers and toes. Nothing hurt too badly. Sitting up -carefully, of course- revealed that he was now some distance away from the smoulding ruins of his former workshop. Ow. Living hurt.

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Measles Outbreak Strikes Megachurch Whose Pastor Is A Vaccination Skeptic

Measles Outbreak Strikes Megachurch Whose Pastor Is A Vaccination Skeptic




A measles outbreak has swept through a Texas megachurch whose pastor has previously voiced skepticism toward the measles vaccination, USA Today reported Sunday. The outbreak has affected 15 people connected to Eagle Mountain International Church in Newark, Texas, including 12 who were not fully immunized against measles. It was caused by a recent visitor to the church.

I mean, who could have seen this coming...

When irony and karma

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