Challenge #03347-I059: We Know This Looks Bad

He swears his blade to Wraithvine. For as long as he lives, and for generations to come in his family, they swear to be the bodyguards of the eternal elf, and those the elf bade them to protect. The wizard saved him and his entire family, now, his family swears, they will protect the wizard. -- FightingFit

After the bloodiest of bloody coups, a man of knives takes a knee once more. Offers his blade to a Wizard he could not possibly defeat. "I swear my blade and my arms to your protection, if you will it so. The world is violent, dangers are many, and at the very least... I can put my body between you and those who would attack you."

"That's a waste of a good body," said Wraithvine. "I'd much prefer that you employed it in the protection of those who truly need it. The victims of oppression, for example."

That was almost a century ago. What came out of hir words was another secret society. Two kind hands once helped a family. They helped the man of that family help others. Others who swore to the same benefit as the first.

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