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Challenge #03010-H087: Secrets of the Network

They were the sons of the owner of a DeRegger system. Their father was the CEO above all other CEO's, and his word, and theirs by extension, were law. However, seeing all the degradation in the worlds their father commanded, they decided to change things. They'd had the best education money could buy, even being allowed to get a higher education in the Alliance worlds, "to know their infidelities, insanity, godlessness, and excess my sons" was their father's reason. However, that education gave them something their father didn't expect. Compassion. -- Lessons

Just as you don't know you're on a Deathworld until you leave it, you also don't know you're on a Deregger colony until you hit Alliance space. So it was for the sons of Nigel Lodalute. He had had enough of the Alliance winning all the time, and demanded that his heirs learn the secrets of the alliance so that the Fiscal Empire of Lodalute Incorporated could prove their true economic strength and get one up on those evil socialist overlords trying to overtake the one true way.

Nigel did what he always accused the Alliance of doing, and sent his young to take advantage of the other education system to learn the secrets and use them back home. He insisted that they return, and had an unbreakable contract to prevent them from defecting. Even the CRC said it was a perfectly amenable agreement.

So they went. Nigel VI and his younger brother Steve III. There was a mandatory period of culture shock where they kept wondering how the system held itself together. Their chief concern was who had to pay for all of it, and how the administration managed to manage everyone's Time. They were encouraged to dig deep, and what they found shocked them.

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Challenge #02967-H044: Our Freedom or Theirs?

People are curious as to what happens to the prisoners at Greystone. They believe punishment and harsh time is the only way to reform. But those sent to Greystone never leave. Families of those sent there are wondering where their family members are. A crew comes to ask to do an interview with some of the inmates and show the families life inside the prison.

Just kinda curious what would happen if the outside world, especially the families of inmates, would do

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Challenge #02247-F057: Slow Progress

Being an anxious over-thinker is hard. You usually scare yourself. -- Anon Guest

Why, oh why, did clinging to the very bottom rung of the social ladder feel like hanging desperately from a trapeze... roughly a hundred Sidu's up[1] and with no safety net? CL-3 tried not to hyperventilate and faint -again- as things continued to deviate from her expected norm. Not that she had been much better within her expected norm, but at least there was a routine. Everything changed

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