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Challenge #03557-I268: An Overdue Appreciation

Death is used to the living fearing them when they come to take the living to the next world. But this living being, as they lay waiting for Death's hand to take their pain away, holds out a simple silk flower, enchanted so Death may hold it close. This being's way of saying thank you. For in the end, Death is usually the kindest being of all. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I am using everything in my power to not steal Sir Pterry's version of Death and having them TALK LIKE THIS.]

They say Death is cruel. Death is harsh. Death is cold and merciless and an enemy of life. The problem with this is that life needs Death. Every living thing eats, one way or another. In order to eat, they also have to kill.

Without Death, life would be in misery.

That said, Death is only doing their job. Making certain that life can persist. It is not necessarily cruel, or cold. It is merely a process, like all other processes. Just... one with a personality.

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Challenge #03185-H276: Divine Intervention

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