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Answering an Ask that looks like a Prompt

So if Logan/Wolverine is functionally immortal, is there opportunity for a crossover with Amalgam/Amity ‘verse?

Sadly, only in fanfic. Amity and Amalgam Universe are wholly mine and Wolverine is a wholly owned subsidiary of Marvel/Disney.

If I suddenly added a surly Canadian mutant with adamantium talons into my pro works, that would be (a) turning my pro stuff into fanfic and (b) a copyright infringement so bad that they’d deport me to America to incarcerate me and that would be very bad indeed.

While I would *like* to do it… I can’t. Sorry.

Answering this now because it's more of an ask than a prompt.

For all the snippets involving Shayde, there hasn’t been much more than a hinted explanation of how she got to be where she is now. So, how did she arrive in the Galactic Alliance, and was it before or after other humans had made proper contact?

(Also, what does Shayde look like? I can’t find a description but I remember something about being like a living shadow so my best guess is similar to the Death in “

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A small dilemma (and an ask)

Firstly, apologies to everyone who’s been expecting a thing a day. I’ve been busy with pestillence, family and (again) waiting for someone who could help me to get their finger out of the metaphorical divot.

All my loyal readers will know I’m on Smashwords now and have my first work allegedly up and multi-compatible.

C'mon. Buy the dang thing. It’s only two freaking dollars. I need the money.


Anyway. I have three other

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