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Balance and writing

I do a lot of stories off the cuff. One thousand and thirty, before I get started on today's. Some, like We're Mostly Harmless, I Swear, wind up becoming the cornerstones for novels.

But I'm never lazy about it.

I could have easily copy/pasted my Instants about Amity into the novel-that-is and few would have been the wiser.

I'm not like that. I can't let myself do that. It's a form of cheating and - at least in my humble opinion - it prompts the reader to skip over vast passages of content until they get to something 'worth' reading.

I experienced it myself when reading Jean M. Auel's Earth's Children series. I loved the hell out of Clan of the Cave Bear and I was eager to read the next one in line. Until I realised that every Jondalar chapter was [in my humble opinion only] badly-written male power fantasy sex scenes with little to do with the plot. I literally skipped half the book until sex was not in the equation. And in later books, I skipped the travelogue sections where I thought the author was obviously padding. As well as the unnecessary sex scenes.

It's a rule of mine. Never make reading boring for your audience. If you do that, you lose your audience.

I could probably write an Ace romance novel. It won't sell, because most people are in the romance section for the smut. But I could do it nonetheless.

Anyway. Back to "cheating". There's various degrees of doing that sort of thing. If I can't work out where I'm going in my current plot point, I describe something. That's allowed, because Speculative Fiction has lots of room for that.

What I don't do is randomly insert an Instant into a novel.

Why? Well...

1) It encourages loss of audience by breaking them from the narrative
2) Stories are capable of change without warning and deserve a 'pure' rewrite to get them done properly [Just look at the First Contact scenario in We're Mostly Harmless, I Swear versus how it happened in The Amity Incident. Vastly different because I thought about the science]
3) I want to be as involved in my writing as my audience is in the reading
4) It's really, really lazy and I don't want to do that.

Yesterday's Instant coincided with a piece I was planning to write, later that day. As in, the bit I put into my novel has the exact dialogue I wrote, yesterday. But I still rewrote it so that it would fit into the coherent whole. I figure I can get away with the dialogue because there wasn't heaps of it, and a necessary change of perspective makes a world of difference to it.

But that's my opinion.

It's my readers' opinion that matters. The more readers I have, the more money I make. The more I can write to gain more readers, blablabla...

As a writer striving for financial independence, audience is literally everything.

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Bogan is Aussie for Redneck

Oh. Oh dear. How worried should I be then?

Depends how far into Bogan territory you go.

By and large, most bogans are harmless. They’re either too drunk, too lazy, or both to do much in the way of harm.

Your common urban bogan is also known as the Dole Bludger. The only time they show activity is when they’re collecting

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A small dilemma (and an ask)

Firstly, apologies to everyone who’s been expecting a thing a day. I’ve been busy with pestillence, family and (again) waiting for someone who could help me to get their finger out of the metaphorical divot.

All my loyal readers will know I’m on Smashwords now and have my first work allegedly up and multi-compatible.

C'mon. Buy the dang thing. It’s only two freaking dollars. I need the money.


Anyway. I have three other

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