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Challenge #03975-J323: Try Though They Might...

Sofflox is a beautiful, but oddly deadly - to non-natives anyhow, havenworld. Before, people had to wear full livesuits to leave the protected areas due to the spores of that world. Thanks to a couple of scientists born on that world, and human researchers, they come up with a special, clear, full-face mask that filters out all of the harmful stuff, so a person CAN visit without the full suit. It's still a little annoying, but at least a little more comfortable. -- Anon Guest

The fluff from Sofflox's Spore Season is relatively harmless. Provided, of course, that the individual in the middle of it doesn't have fluid of any kind on their personal surfaces. In lay terms, you're fine as long as you don't sweat, sneeze, or spit. Crying is also right out.

The hydrophillic fluff of Sofflox's floating spores could attach itself to any significant amount of fluid and then swell right up as it absorbed. On something like sweaty Human skin, it quickly becomes a crusty coating that can cause its victim to pass out from heat exhaustion. Assuming the Human in question hadn't already choked on the swollen spores that had invaded their moist airways.

Atmospheric filter feeding is a very popular evolutionary tactic on Sofflox.

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