Challenge #03580-I291: For Want of a Toaster

A person is watching some old, archived, videos of humans Pre-Shattering. Some videos showing a place called Amerikka and an event called "Black Friday". Where hundreds of humans end up trampling some others, injuring and killing some, just to get into a store to buy cheap, disposable, items. -- Anon Guest

The theatre marquee declared it to be Archival Footage Viewing and Classification: Pre-Shattering Terra. Which should be enough warning for anyone. Curiosity, an almost fatal Human flaw, drew Kam in like a moth to a flame.

There were lots of Archivaas in there, furiously taking notes. Some were SPOEns[1], also furiously taking notes. The ones not taking notes were either Havenworlders there for some epigenetic improvement, or other fascinated Humans who could not look away.

Kam found an empty seat, staring at the ancient images of people centuries dead. It wasn't war. Not exactly. All these people were unarmed. At least when they went in.

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