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Challenge #03021-H098: The Lengths Gone Unto

A man walk down the crossroad late that night that when he ran into a beast in black. The beast spoke “Boy that’s a heavy load you have on your back, I can take care of your troubles and your worry woes, all you gotta is sign.” Man said “beast I do believe another devil beat you to it this time. I do wish I had something to give but ‘fraid I’m sold out. If you ain’t looking for the walking dead better find yourself another town. But if your still looking for my soul just wander down this road to a small house to the right. Cuz devil I’ve already lost my soul to devil with emerald eyes." -- Anon Guest

[AN - ISTG those are lyrics for something but a quick search can't find it. This has rhythm and meter... I can firkin hear Johnny Cash singing this.]

All the Tieflings were gone. So too were all those people who loved them anyway. This should have been a relief to the world because now they could tell the difference between a Fel fiend and someone who just happened to look a little bit like one. It should have been a relief for ordinary and decent folk, but one had become a statistical outlier. It wasn't his fault. He fell in love with a Tiefling Bard just before the miracle they were calling the Fel Exile.

She had eyes of emerald green, and skin the colour of royal robes. Hair the colour of a raven's wing that fell in luxurious curls. And her voice... he would never forget her voice. It didn't belong in a devil's throat. When Dan learned that all Tieflings and all unwanted peoples were sent away from decent folk by a concatenation of Wishes, he knew why she had gone. What he didn't understand was how he had been left out of the phrasing, "and those who love them." She was gone, and he was left sadder without her.

Dan sold everything he didn't need and stocked up for a long journey. He didn't care for a home without her in it. He didn't want his family telling him it was just infatuation and he would get over her. The first part of his quest was finding out where the devils and all who were like them had been sent. And it was on that journey that he met a genuine fiend.

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Challenge #03014-H091: To Find a Space

A: Get out, or things will get weird

B: Don’t threaten me with a good time -- Anon Guest

Sap had screamed for five solid minutes because he thought he had lost Lachasse forever. The fact that there were babies and children screaming at the same time was almost lost to him. The instant he saw his favourite Cleric, he had almost collapsed from relief. Thereafter, he hadn't left Lachasse's side. Desperately helping more desperate souls than his own debatable one.

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Challenge #03005-H082: Land of the Loveless

From around the world, tieflings were vanishing. Sometimes just fading away, sometimes disappearing in a gout of flame, but they were not dying. The spell was cast, though the summoners had to work very hard on it. A kingdom, a beautiful one where people, all people, were treated with dignity and kindness. The rulers, the queen and king, both tieflings. They were calling for the outcasts, the unwanted. "Come here, come home, please, let our lands shelter you." Twin brothers, one tiefling,

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Challenge #03000-H077: Scheherezade III

I can't help it, I gotta know, how DO people react at the royal event seeing the twins together?

https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-02929-h006-the-trouble-with-tails -- DaniAndShali

Viceroy Jubilation Araveth Falsworth Merrimine could always tell when the rest of the room spotted his brother, Apprehension. It was not quite a universal gasp, but there was a definite chorus of indrawn breaths. Usually from the gallery of those waiting to see who was whom as they arrived. Then the musicians would stutter to

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Challenge #02976-H053: Go Out With a Song

"Never raise more devils than you can put down. You raised one devil too many...father."

Watches as the dad's face pales and he's like "Um... oops."

internutter 72 9 days ago

That is one hell of a line and I want to make an excuse to use it :D -- DaniAndShali

[AN: Prompt from the comments on this thing and I'm debating about continuance or something with Tieflings...]

There was a sword poking out of his chest. The red arm of

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Challenge #02943-H020: Inside a Room Without a View

That day, if our positions were switched... would our fates be different? Would I have your life, and you mine? -- Anon Guest

Twenty-three years ago, twin brothers were born holding hands. Great fortune, the Goodwives were wont to say. A great boon. So long as both siblings were raised as together as they were born, and cared for as equally as if one had not been born a Tiefling. Were it any other way, the Viceroy Apprehension "Loyalty" Merrimine might have

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Challenge #02929-H006: The Trouble With Tails

"I can't do this"

"Yes you can"

"No I can't"

"Stop bitching and just put the fucking pants on" -- Anon Guest

"I keep telling you to hire a tailor with a tail. Your kind always get the tail hole wrong." Viceroy "Loyalty" Merrimine squirmed into the offending clothing. Despite both brother's best efforts, there was the distinct sound of thread snapping. "Damnit..."

His older brother -by twenty minutes, as he kept reminding his twin- sighed and said, "I'll get the sewing

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Challenge #02921-G364: One For You...

"don't make deals with a Devil, unless that Devil is me,

Better the devil you know, than the devil you don't,

'coz NOTHING is ever truly free, ALL Devils have a fee!"

-- 'Ancient' Terran Aussie Saying -- Adam in Darwin

[AN: Ah yes, the ancient Aussie sage of wisdom, Kylie Minogue]

It's difficult to trust a Tiefling at the best of times, and why not? They look exactly like they stepped out of a woodcut from The Temptation of Everyman. It's

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Challenge #02788-G231: A Pearl in the Mire

That moment where one goes to soothe a fussy baby and finds a surprise handful of bare bottom. -- Someone's Mum

[AN: Worse is a handful of messy bottom. Been there, done that, had to disinfect all on sundry for an entire hour]

Long before Wraithvine met Thief, later renamed as Chrysanthemum and Anthe for short, Wraithvine stole a baby. Technically. It's not theft if the article in question has already been thrown away.

The child in question was a paradox in

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