I'm so Tired

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Monday, Battery Reset Hopes

I am attempting, once more, to reset my phone battery by running it flat and subsequently charging it to full plus an hour.

Last time I tried this, it quit at 47% instead of 30% Last night, it crashed at 47% again, so I did the charge accurately this morning and I'm hoping to wind things down properly before I need it tomorrow.


I'm headed offski to unriddle MeMum's ongoing tech issues to the best of my inability. At least I'm due for showing her how to open a file in GoogDocs (again) and showing her how to set her volumes on her phones.

Yeah, she's keeping the shitty 'burner' phone she had as a replacement while the normal one was getting fixed 9_9 Even though it bears a strong resemblance to a brick with a shiny screen. [You know, for Just In Case]

In other news, the TaleFoundry is about to release the next prompt even though they didn't do the stream. So I had the seemingly mandatory duty to write my story for that before the prompt could get announced.

Chapter Count: Still working on Chapter 276. I should spend some real time on it today before I start learning how to play Dwarf Fortress.

But before I do any of that, I owe some offerings to the invisible people out there beyond my screen. May they weigh me in the balance and find me worthy.

Saturday, Parkrun & Hairdo's

Started the day at 5AM, getting the whole self-maintenance regime done and going to parkrun of course.

Managed the 5K in under an hour, and then it was off to-- SHENANIGANS!

Helping KIABIL get some parcels. Going with Friendo Awesome to get all our hair did. With meals between destinations.

I am a very tired bean because I haven't had my post-walk nap.

Nevertheless, I must to get the daily offerings done. At which point I shall be free to messing around

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Recovery

Because we were off seeing Hamilton, I was out until the wee small hours of the morning. Because I'm a very tired bean, I am not expecting much out of myself in regards to behind-the-curtains activities.

So I shall complete my daily offerings, and then figure out what I'm capable or willing to do.

It probably won't be much.

It's a feast day, so I have squirreled away a bunch of noodles for a later treat. My love and I are going

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Thursday, Catching Up

Good news! We found a complete copy of Adapting to throw at publishers, and I have pasted the last words into the master document, as well as saved the spare to my drive. That will do until I find more robust storage methods.

The magic cable was one that interfaced with Beloved's Cricut. So yay. Love of magic devices pays off at long last.

Bad news! I also have to edit the master document to make sure all the breaks for chapters

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Sunday, Plague Day 6, worn

I still need rest. I am not playing any games with the crew tonight. This plague has left me feeling a lot more worn out than usual. The post-lurgi sensation of limp, greasy, unwantableness continues to linger. So I shall baby myself. Wait until I'm sure that I am up to snuff, so to speak, before I take some wobbling steps back into what passes for my normal routine.

I need my voice to stream. I don't need it to write. So.

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Friday, Unfuckening But Tired

I have a catio to clean, a bikkie to make, and I'm already working on minimum sleep. WHEEEEEeeeeeee....

Coffee is not working rn.

I might just do my stream and then slug off because so dang tired. Get to the other stuff when I'm properly rested.

This, naturally, is a cue for everyone with a dirt bike or a motorcycle to have fun times in a round-robin noise-off.

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Long Monday, Sleeplessness Shenanigans

I didn't get a lot of sleep, last night. Or this morning. Thanks, Anxiety, for making sure I can only squeeze in four hours at a time.

Not helped by Beloved deciding she wanted to whirlwind the entire house JUST as I was trying to sleep. So I'm more than a little wrecked today.


So wrecked that I didn't blog or publish until now. Whoops.

I do not expect a lot out of myself on Mondays.

The most I plan on

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Sunday, Supertired

It's almost noon, and my throat hurts. I might need to tone down Gort's voice because it does things to me.

OR it could because Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season has made me cough and have lung issues.

It's hard to tell. I shall make myself some Shandy and hope for the best. And I have to check on my meds supplies because FUCK Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season.

It keeps kicking my butt.

The good news is that ScoMo is No Mo'. He

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Long Monday, Sleeplessness

We did have a fun day out, if a very long one. This long Monday is made even longer by not having enough of a rest. So my PLNs involve (1) Publishing my tale, and, (2) getting some firkin SLEEP.

D&D was manic. In no particular order, my players: Got drunk, took drugs, slept together, and birthed a Treeant. Check the VODs on my Twitch stream. It's wild.

By this afternoon, we should all be able to enjoy and partake

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Thursday, The Blargles

For the second day in a row, I was up late last night. The only difference betwixt last night and the night before was that I was up late having way too much fun. I am very tired today and something I ingested is disagreeing with me.

Hence, blargles.

Argh blargh I want to curl up and blob, today.

Nevertheless, I should at least try to stay conscious for the day so my sleep isn't messed up for tomorrow.

I may be

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Long Monday, sore wrists, and getting old

It's official, I am blaming the weather for this. I have not been mean to my arms at all in the last few days, but yet the pain flares up.

It's bullshit and I hate it.

I'm also having throat issues and I may be coming down with the autumn sniffoos. Bleh.

Some ginger ale shandy should see me through it. Bugger if I know what else to do for my wrists. I already have braces and am trying to be nice

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Long Monday is Long

I have played D&D with the new time of one hour earlier so I did my story in the Wee Small Hours and am planning nothing more strenuous than a long nap.

I do not expect much of myself on Long Monday.

If anything else gets done, it shall be gravy.

Speaking of gravy - I am moving right along with Level 6 of the continuing depths of Dungeon Maps. I may get the floor plan done this week. And

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Sunday, Rennos?

Beloved is gathering materials to make a thing. My players are restructuring their Box of House. I have already decided that I'm calling this game session Better Homes and Goblins because why not.

It's been a very social week, this week, and my ability to stay awake for any of it is waning. I want to be awake for D&D and Beloved's renovation shenanigans. Everything else is gravy.

Toasty's still taking a hiatus. Tale Foundry has taken a week off.

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Thursday, Understandable Delays

I did not write my Wordpress yesterday. It's not looking that great today. My Beloved is taking me on a whirlwind journey of Retail Therapy(tm) with a distant in-law who also knows fashion and style.

It's going to be fun, and expensive and I do NOT have time for a thinkpiece. Lucky for all of y'all I have LOADS of fiction rattling around in my Google Drive so you get to see some of that.

...it's probably going to be about

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