I'm so Tired

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Wednesday! Day 1!

Today's Wordpress is probably going to be about helping the Long Haulers adapt to their new normal. The Chronically Ill community is having a sudden influx of scared, confused, and possibly angry people who are suffering and they need an understanding voice.

Even if they listened to the Muppet, and caught the plague, it is still not their fault that they caught it. Blame lies on the advisor if anyone. Infectious diseases are non-descriminatory.

Today, I am keeping Discord over on another computer. It's an effort to (a) keep my main compy chugging along for another few days, and (b) maybe stop distracting myself for hours on end.

[Speaking of distractions, this blog has been interrupted by a Chaos Computer Crisis(tm) - everything on her desk has gone dark and none of the conscious people in the house can work out why]

I don't want to face the news right now. It's all going to shit. Including, it seems, the local interwebs.

I'm doing my best. 100 more words will enter KOSBOB today and I will slowly approach and eventually pass the 111K milestone. Which will mean three milestones to go until I am DONE with this book.


I keep saying it, but this year has been a looooooooooong century.

Yoiks and a-firkin-way, folks.

Still Exhausted

I can't sleep, my body is tired, my brain is wired, and my eyes don't know where they are. Let's get today over with so I can try again tomorrow.

Apparently, I have to be willing to help Beloved cut mask pieces because they really don't want to do that one thing. Sigh. So I have to have razor-sharp timing to catch a moment when we both have time to spare and oomph to do something.

Not gonna lie, that's hard.


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I want to murder my spouse a little bit...

I want to run a software on my main compy. Before I can run said software, I needed to upgrade to the new OS. I could not do that because the SSD was fried. That's fixed for a limited definition of "fixed" but... Now I need to restore from backup.

In order to restore from backup, I need my Drobo in working order.

In order for my Drobo to work, it needs a new case as the old one is major-league borked.

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So tired

I could not get to sleep if you paid me, last night, so today I am functioning on even less sleep than normal, huzzah.

I dunno if I'm gonna make it to the stream, folks.

Story much much much much much later, I guess. Possibly with edits of this entry here because YIKES I am sleepy.

But yeah. Things be effed up. Two new cases in Queensland today, possibly linked to opening the borders. I freaking called it. Good night.


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These last few weeks have been a long year...

New Zealand, one of the countries with the strictest protocols against socialising, has effectively halted the spread. They're talking about easing off with every caution about returning to the lockdown. Australia's opening up to letting two adults at maximum go and visit friends and family, with a weather eye for outbreaks.

Meanwhile, some creative folks came up with a creepy folksong about the outbreak. In twenty years this will be "traditional" and nobody will remember that it was ever made.

To the

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Late start today

Toasty has been streaming awesome art that makes me want to hide and not practice doodling again :P I've been seeing lots of progress on the next installment of the Divinity Saga(tm).

That said, I'm currently functioning on like two hours sleep -if that- so five seconds after the stream ends, I am shutting down and catching up on some shut-eye.

The story and anything else I do will be likely happening very late indeed.

I'm very tired.

There will be

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Week 2

So. Making a tool to bend metal for us is harder than it looks. Big shock. I'm going to have to go out for extra matts at some point. Both Beloved and I are very, very tired of all this taking so long. The steps involved seem easy, but... they're not that easy.

A video that takes ten minutes to watch secretly hides two days of agonies. Blugh...

So Beloved is taking a day off later in the week to get these

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I fucked up (again)

I forgot to write Wordpress Wednesday. Basically, I ran out of oomph to write anything and farted off my evening by absorbing relax time.

Sorry about that.

Most of my daily energy was absorbed in fetching an interwebs order from the post box. I got an extra one for free, and the Post Office in its infinite wisdom, decided to put both of these parcels in separate boxes, and notify me in separate texts.

...so yeah, I had to go back for

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Fun Was Had

The adventuring party is on the cusp of a TPK because we're being zerg rushed by a bunch of demons. It's not looking good.

My throat is sore, I'm currently existing on less than five hours' sleep, and I can not sleep.

Plus I just got a comment on a recent story via my Wordpress, which is a fairly odd angle to approach things, but I'm willing to extend the benefit of the doubt. It's difficult to derive a complete story out

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The morning after the night before

Here's the thing about RPG night...

  • I have a lot of fun
  • I also stay up to past midnight
  • I generally eat too much
  • I'm paying the price this morning

I tried to stay on Keto but I still ate too much and gained a firkin kilo. Too many nuts have given me digestive upsets.

I'm'a be napping a lot today for sure.

Frankly, I think it's kind of amazing that I managed to get my writing for everything done in the

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5hrs Sleep or Less!

Lesson 1: D&D Sessions can be LONG.

Lesson 2: Most of it is arguing.

Lesson 3: If you can give the crew a good belly laugh on your first try, you're good.

I fucked my stealth check on the first try, introduced that particular mechanic about my Kobold. Kind of stumbled into a puzzle quest and accidentally ended up being the bravest member of the party by being the last out of the room when it was a room full

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It's Wednesday and I'm a dummins

I don't have a pre-arranged topic for this Wordpress Wednesday, so I have to think one up before I can post one, I guess. I could plausibly do How My Brain Allegedly Works or My Routine Is Not Your Routine. Or something about how my battery is still low despite all my efforts to charge it.

I'll find something to bitch about, and maybe get a couple of pages out of it.

Maybe I could gas about Murder Dollhouse again, since that

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I am operating on less than six hours of sleep. Want to know how I know? I play Sunken Secrets on my phone. I sent some balloons away on a six-hour wait-fest before I went to sleep and woke up before they returned.

Needless to say, I am not the happiest of campers, this morrow.

I did a little something productive, ran out of idea, and attempted to return to sleep with mixed results. I got maybe a two-hour nap or less

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I should most definitely not stay up until 10 at night watching murder documentaries.

I should most definitely not stay up until 10 at night playing Factorio.

I should get to bed at a reasonable hour - anywhere between eight and nine thirty - and get a reasonable amount of sleep.

I should focus on doing the things that needs must be done, instead of faffing off to play a building-things-incessantly game.

Long story short, I didn't get a lot of sleep

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Whoops, I Procrastinated

Shitty internet yesterday made me derail myself and I didn't get around to my wordpress thing until this morning. Which I could have done at 4AM when I couldn't sleep because I don't even know.

Perhaps, when my diet is more balanced, I will sleep better. It worked in the early days of Keto when I was having more protein. Perhaps it will work again.

In the meantime, I re-learn my habits, listen to my cravings, and sort my shit out. Sometimes

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