I'm so Tired

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Monday, Day 0, Sleep? What Sleep?

Plague news: Three new cases, one local and two imports. There's twelve total active cases, nine of them are in hospital. Australia's at 89% first vax, 80% fully vaxxed. Queensland's at 79.5% first vax, 67% fully vaxxed.

My pln for today is: Write story, read stories for Tale Foundry, catch a nap(?) [depending on the time of day] and then SLEEP.

We did get the Catio fixed, so now my furbabies can look out on the great wild world but not have to suffer its injustices. Yay.

We may have to do more Catio rennos at a later date as some things need some minor fixes. But it's all non-urgent so I'm not sweating it.

I'm also not pushing myself to write. Given the slow stretch I just had? It's better if I chillax and do other projects for a while. BUT not today. Today, I focus on getting enough dang rest to deal with tomorrow.

In the news:

  • China still up to its bullshit
  • Victoria's hospitals are overwhelmed because plague
  • Performer criticised for the deadly behaviour of fans
  • Surprise surprise, the person who triggered a massive cluster of cases in Sydney had lied about not visiting Melbourne
  • More severe storms to hit NSW

Stream soon. Storytime after that. Meanwhile, I attempt to stay sane.

Monday, Day 3, Loopy Nutter

Plague news: No new cases! There's twelve total active cases, eleven of those are in hospital. Australia's at 88% first vax, 77% fully vaxxed. Queensland is at 77.6% first vax, 63.9% fully vaxxed.


D&D was wild last night. I learned that Doppelgangers are almost OP for my crew of murder hobos. Almost. It was all down to the luck of the roll. We had two near-death experiences and lucky for the crew, Doppelgangers are LOADED.

They are

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Monday, Day 2, So Tired

Plague news: No new cases! Twenty-three total active cases, sixteen of those are in hospital. Australia's at 86.6% first vax, 73% fully vaxxed. Queensland's at 74.8 first vax, 60% fully vaxxed.

I am sleep deprived today. I could not get more than an hour's unconsciousness pre-D&D and then couldn't easily sleep at 2AM to 5:30AM either. Blargh.

I will certainly sleep tonight. BUT I gotta stay awake until bedtime.


My murder hobos love Magical Marvin. Just

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Monday, Day One, Recovery

Plague news: No new cases! There's twenty-eight total active cases, nineteen of those are in hospital, with one in the ICU. Australia's at 84% first vax, 67.8% fully vaxxed. Queensland's at 72% first vax, 56.6% fully vaxxed.

I'm a little mentally toasted from D&D last night. I do these things to myself. I know it. I can fight to keep myself awake until bedtime so I'm better at doing tomorrow.


My players are trying to crack the

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Friday, Day 0, 1K Day

I changed my mind about making bread today. There's one new case, an import. Twelve total cases and eleven of those are in hospital. But that's not the reason why I'm not baking.

I'm not baking because it's been a busy and stressful week. I want to have one day where it's just the obligations of the day. Which is full enough with the Instant, the unfuckening, and the 1k writing goal for KOSTSS.

It's the end of the week and the

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Friday, Day 0, Exhausted

I woke up at a little past one in the morning, today. It's half-past six now so you can bet I'm about ready to fall over.

HOWEVER, I also have domestic unfuckening overdue and a thousand words I want to write and a Bikkie in Progress(tm) currently cooking. Woot.

The PLUS side being that some ducks are lined up nice and neat. Miss Chaos has her very own bank account, and the Tax File Number is in the post. Huzzah!


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Wednesday! Day 1!

Today's Wordpress is probably going to be about helping the Long Haulers adapt to their new normal. The Chronically Ill community is having a sudden influx of scared, confused, and possibly angry people who are suffering and they need an understanding voice.

Even if they listened to the Muppet, and caught the plague, it is still not their fault that they caught it. Blame lies on the advisor if anyone. Infectious diseases are non-descriminatory.

Today, I am keeping Discord over on another

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Still Exhausted

I can't sleep, my body is tired, my brain is wired, and my eyes don't know where they are. Let's get today over with so I can try again tomorrow.

Apparently, I have to be willing to help Beloved cut mask pieces because they really don't want to do that one thing. Sigh. So I have to have razor-sharp timing to catch a moment when we both have time to spare and oomph to do something.

Not gonna lie, that's hard.


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I want to murder my spouse a little bit...

I want to run a software on my main compy. Before I can run said software, I needed to upgrade to the new OS. I could not do that because the SSD was fried. That's fixed for a limited definition of "fixed" but... Now I need to restore from backup.

In order to restore from backup, I need my Drobo in working order.

In order for my Drobo to work, it needs a new case as the old one is major-league borked.

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So tired

I could not get to sleep if you paid me, last night, so today I am functioning on even less sleep than normal, huzzah.

I dunno if I'm gonna make it to the stream, folks.

Story much much much much much later, I guess. Possibly with edits of this entry here because YIKES I am sleepy.

But yeah. Things be effed up. Two new cases in Queensland today, possibly linked to opening the borders. I freaking called it. Good night.


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These last few weeks have been a long year...

New Zealand, one of the countries with the strictest protocols against socialising, has effectively halted the spread. They're talking about easing off with every caution about returning to the lockdown. Australia's opening up to letting two adults at maximum go and visit friends and family, with a weather eye for outbreaks.

Meanwhile, some creative folks came up with a creepy folksong about the outbreak. In twenty years this will be "traditional" and nobody will remember that it was ever made.

To the

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Late start today

Toasty has been streaming awesome art that makes me want to hide and not practice doodling again :P I've been seeing lots of progress on the next installment of the Divinity Saga(tm).

That said, I'm currently functioning on like two hours sleep -if that- so five seconds after the stream ends, I am shutting down and catching up on some shut-eye.

The story and anything else I do will be likely happening very late indeed.

I'm very tired.

There will be

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Week 2

So. Making a tool to bend metal for us is harder than it looks. Big shock. I'm going to have to go out for extra matts at some point. Both Beloved and I are very, very tired of all this taking so long. The steps involved seem easy, but... they're not that easy.

A video that takes ten minutes to watch secretly hides two days of agonies. Blugh...

So Beloved is taking a day off later in the week to get these

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I fucked up (again)

I forgot to write Wordpress Wednesday. Basically, I ran out of oomph to write anything and farted off my evening by absorbing relax time.

Sorry about that.

Most of my daily energy was absorbed in fetching an interwebs order from the post box. I got an extra one for free, and the Post Office in its infinite wisdom, decided to put both of these parcels in separate boxes, and notify me in separate texts.

...so yeah, I had to go back for

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Fun Was Had

The adventuring party is on the cusp of a TPK because we're being zerg rushed by a bunch of demons. It's not looking good.

My throat is sore, I'm currently existing on less than five hours' sleep, and I can not sleep.

Plus I just got a comment on a recent story via my Wordpress, which is a fairly odd angle to approach things, but I'm willing to extend the benefit of the doubt. It's difficult to derive a complete story out

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