Day Six

A 2-post collection

Saturday, Day 6, Mor Bread

So one loaf made on Wednesday turned out to be a sod [bum!] but we turned it into bruchetta-esque [bruchettesque?] and now there's a slight need for more bread because there's still only one loaf in the freezer.

I'm working with Ingrid today, and since I had a sod out of the batch, I'm going back to the four-hour proof in the hope that that works. Still going for the double breadpan thing. Eliminate the variables one at a time. Even if I still get a sod, there's (a) more bruchettesque, (b) still one loaf for the freezer. Yay?

There's still six active cases and it's day six of this nonsense... if a third six turns up, I am hiding in the bathtub.

I'm going to make bread, eat carbs, and slob around in my PJ's. Somewhere in that, I shall be creating fiction. Huzzah.

In the news:

  • ScoMo's shameful texts make the headline
  • Everyone hates Facebook
  • Driver tapes receipt to car, avoids parking tickets
  • Musk and Bezos in a dick-measuring contest about who has the most imaginary counters we call 'money'
  • JB HiFi flips the bird to Amazon, stays alive despite Lockdown

Ingrid's still growing, so I shall attempt some fiction.

Friday - Day SIX!

Holy shit, things are going well for Antifa and gender-bending tumblrinas everywhere. Minecraft Steve is part of the Nintendo Conglomerate and people are happy about that. Baldur's Gate 3 is out and I want some of that sweet, sweet character creator :D The Muppet continues to deny he has the plague and insists he's doing very well...

Greece has decided to purge its content of fascists. Facebook has banned QAnon, and some billionaire sex offenders are getting comeuppance.

Come on in, the

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