Monday, Battery Reset Hopes

I am attempting, once more, to reset my phone battery by running it flat and subsequently charging it to full plus an hour.

Last time I tried this, it quit at 47% instead of 30% Last night, it crashed at 47% again, so I did the charge accurately this morning and I'm hoping to wind things down properly before I need it tomorrow.


I'm headed offski to unriddle MeMum's ongoing tech issues to the best of my inability. At least I'm due for showing her how to open a file in GoogDocs (again) and showing her how to set her volumes on her phones.

Yeah, she's keeping the shitty 'burner' phone she had as a replacement while the normal one was getting fixed 9_9 Even though it bears a strong resemblance to a brick with a shiny screen. [You know, for Just In Case]

In other news, the TaleFoundry is about to release the next prompt even though they didn't do the stream. So I had the seemingly mandatory duty to write my story for that before the prompt could get announced.

Chapter Count: Still working on Chapter 276. I should spend some real time on it today before I start learning how to play Dwarf Fortress.

But before I do any of that, I owe some offerings to the invisible people out there beyond my screen. May they weigh me in the balance and find me worthy.